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Kia Audio System

There’s something special about listening to music in a car, isn’t there? It might not be as intimate as headphones or as social as a gig, but the right tune through a great sound system when you are out for a drive is a bit special.

Developing the perfect automotive sound system is a complex thing. Having to combat road noise and vibrations along with the various angles and materials of a car interior to produce an optimum audio experience is not easy. It is something that has always fascinated and driven Harman Kardon®, who share our ambition to perfect in-car sound integration along with outstanding visual design. So, it was an obvious decision to partner with them on Kia’s sound systems.

Harman Kardon® have been making audio equipment for over 50 years. Ever since making the first ‘high fidelity’ audio product in the US, they have gone on to be one of the biggest names in automotive audio systems. There’s a good reason why a Harman Kardon® sound system sounds dramatically different from anything else; they do things differently.

  • Harman Kardon speaker
  • Harman Kardon system

Harman Kardon® don’t simply develop for us, they develop with us, so the result is a tailor-made sound solution. They utilise their own innovative solutions such as Clari-fi™;  a music restoration technology that improves the quality of modern ‘compressed’ audio files and QuantumLogic™; a Surround Sound Technology that creates an unprecedented 5.1 channel listening experience from any mono, stereo or multi-channel source.

Together, Kia and Harman Kardon® have spent hundreds of hours fine-tuning the audio system to perfectly suit cabin size, materials and seating configurations to achieve optimum sound. It takes three years, on average, from the first designs for a sound system until it is ready to be installed in the car. So, we know the end result will be something special.  

We’re proud to have Harman Kardon®  supplying the soundtrack to our story.

Harman Kardon® technology not available across the entire Kia range. 


Harman Kardon® technology not available across the entire Kia range. 
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