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Plan Eco-Friendly Trips with Kia's Interactive Sustainable Holiday Map

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Your Sustainable Staycation Planner from Kia

Searches for ‘green tourism’ have risen by 40% between 2022 and 2023, and there are more than 1,250 sustainable holiday spots across the UK, according to recent research by Kia.

Changing the way we travel is one of the most significant things we can do to reduce the impacts of climate change. This growing emphasis on sustainability is reflected in the increasing number, availability and standard of planet-friendly holiday venues. Kia’s electric family cars. help make your holiday even more sustainable with emission-free driving.

At Kia, we’ve created an interactive sustainable staycation planner of all these environmentally friendly accommodation, activities and restaurants across the UK. Plan your sustainable holiday with this interactive map from Kia, featuring eco hotels, dining and activities around the UK.

To get started, simply enter your postcode, how far you want to travel and get planning. Our interactive map has a range of filters so you can refine your search, as well as a slider to easily select and alter your travel radius.

Now you can easily see all the green hotels, activities and restaurants and plan your next sustainable holiday.

Here are some of our top picks:

Scotland’s Argyll and Bute Greenest Holiday Destination in Great Britain

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According to Kia research, Scotland comes out on top as the most sustainable country, led by Argyll and Bute with around 40 sustainable venues for every 100,000 people.

The Highlands and Islands is a growing region for sustainable travel with four counties in the Great Britain’s top 10 for sustainable venues per capita. As well as Argyll & Bute, these include:

• Orkney (>26 sustainable spots per 100k people)
• Western Isles (26 sustainable spots per 100k people)
• Highlands (14 sustainable spots per 100k people)

In total, Scotland has over 220 sustainable venues, including accommodation, activities and restaurants.

Cornwall is Most Sustainable Holiday Destination in England

Cornwall is the most sustainable road trip destination in England, with over 15 eco-friendly spots per every 100,000 people. With 88 eco spots in total, Cornwall also tops the rankings for green accommodation and activities, with 47 and 27, respectively. Around 24 of these 47 accommodations are either using renewable/clean energy or are carbon neutral, helping Cornwall top all other counties in Britain for this sustainable practice.

Local produce is the most prevalent sustainable practice across Great Britain, with it being available at over 750 restaurants, accommodation and activities. Cornwall also has the most eco spots (56) providing local produce. Looking at restaurants specifically, East Sussex comes out on top with 18 venues offering local produce.

When it comes to travelling electric, Cornwall is also a great place to take your family electric car. EV charging points are provided at around 20% of its sustainable accommodation, activities and restaurants.

But Cornwall isn’t the only county in England where you can plan your sustainable getaway.

Here are the remaining top five counties for eco-friendly holidays:

• Isle of Wight (>14 sustainable spots per 100k people)
• Herefordshire (8 sustainable spots per 100k people)
• Rutland (>7 sustainable spots per 100k people)
• Bristol (>5 sustainable spots per 100k people)

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Powys Revealed as Most Eco-Friendly Holiday Spot in Wales

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Powys tops the list in Wales for having the most sustainable accommodation, restaurants and activities, with just over 17 eco spots per 100,000 people. The county specialises in sustainable accommodation, boasting 20 places to stay, including luxury independent eco-lodges, cottages and retreats.

Welsh counties Denbigshire and Gwynedd and Anglesey also made it into the top ten on our list of sustainable spots per capita, with 14 and 12 eco-friendly venues per 100,000 people, respectively.

Go Green for your Next Day Out

As the new school year approaches, why not enjoy some sustainable, outdoor fun and explore the best of the UK’s eco-friendly activities and beautiful green spaces?

According to Kia research, Cornwall is the best county to visit for sustainable activities, with 27 eco-friendly things to do. You can visit the infamous Eden Project or enjoy of water-based activities such as diving, surfing and various other watersports. Bedfordshire and London are both second, with 16 sustainable activities, followed closely by Buckinghamshire with 15.

Does your family love having ample outdoor space? Cornwall tops our list with 60 accommodations, restaurants and activities boasting dedicated outdoor greenery. In Scotland, the Highlands and Argyll & Bute are also ideal for lovers of the great outdoors, with 31 and 28 green-space venues, respectively.

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Sustainability is the Future of Travel

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Great Britain is home to over 1,250 sustainable accommodation, activities and restaurants. But this number is quickly growing. The wide-spread availability of eco-friendly holiday venues promises an exciting future for green travellers. Planning a planet-friendly holiday is now easier and more attractive than ever before.

Why not make your2023 staycation as rewarding as it is relaxing? Plan an eco-friendly road trip in your family electric car or browse our comprehensive range of EVs and Hybrids to start your sustainable adventure today.

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