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Do Electric Cars Need Servicing and MOT?

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Do Electric Cars Need Servicing & MOT: A Comprehensive Guide by Kia

We know that investing in the driving experience of tomorrow with an electric car is an exciting moment. That’s why we’re here to ensure you maximise your vehicle’s performance with comprehensive electric car servicing.

According to 2022 statistics from the UK Government’s Department for Transport, more than 250,000 electric vehicles now use UK roads. There has also been a 77% increase in sales of plug-in vehicles since 2020.

These official government statistics reinforce just how important it is for us to continue to support our growing Kia EV family with expert guidance on servicing. In this article, we’ll teach you about electric car servicing and show you how regular maintenance can improve your EV’s economy, maximise its long-term efficiencies and provide even more sustainable driving.

The big question: Do you need to service an electric car?

One of the most important things for our Kia EV owners to know is that their electric cars need to be regularly serviced. Just like regular petrol and diesel cars, a thorough examination of your electric vehicle’s health and general condition is crucial for driving efficiency and safety.

By regularly servicing your electric car, you can enjoy a range of benefits, including:

• Improved driver safety
• Ensuring continued monitoring of battery health
• Optimum vehicle economy
• Software updates and product enhancements applied
• Longer stability of vehicle value
• Increased lifespan of vehicle components such as brakes

Increasing the longevity of your vehicle and its parts also decreases its overall impact on the environment. At Kia, this is just as important to us as it is to our EV owners.

What servicing does an electric car need?

The process of servicing your electric car will be broadly the same as servicing any petrol or diesel vehicle. The only real difference in electric vehicle servicing is the specific parts that we’re examining.

A standard petrol or diesel car runs on a combustion engine, while an electric car uses an electric motor and battery. A combustion engine has hundreds of individual moving parts, all of which need to be maintained for peak vehicle performance. An EV motor, meanwhile, has fewer parts to be checked during a service.

Put simply, getting your electric car serviced is less likely to result in expensive repairs or replacements.
During a service, an electric car has multiple components of a regular car that need to be checked, including:

• Brakes
• Lights
• Steering
• Suspension
• Wheels
• Tyres
• Air Conditioning
• Software systems

At Kia, we also like to ensure that your vehicle’s electric components are also thoroughly examined, such as:

• Electric motor
• Battery (many batteries have cooling systems which need maintenance)
• High voltage cabling and charging systems

Comprised mostly of stationary parts, your EV motor will not usually require much servicing. Your EV battery will undergo a health check, including an inspection of battery fluid quantity and condition. The high voltage cabling and systems, meanwhile, will require a visual examination. This ensures the protective outer layer of the cable or its connectors haven’t been damaged by road wear.

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Do electric cars need an MOT?

It’s a legal requirement that your electric car has a valid MOT once it’s three years’ old. At this point, your electric car must pass an MOT test, just like any standard petrol or diesel car. You also need to renew its MOT annually.

An MOT test ensures your car meets the minimum requirements to be deemed safe and roadworthy. Not only is an MOT imperative for ensuring yours and other road users’ safety, it’s also required by law. Driving without an MOT can incur large fines and even licence dismissal.

When it comes to MOTs for electric cars , the only difference between your EV and a standard car is the emissions test. Whilst passing this test is a requirement for combustion engines, your planet-friendly electric car doesn’t need an emissions test as part of its MOT.

This is just one of the many benefits of owning an electric car .

Where to get your Kia EV serviced

You can book a car service at your local Kia dealer. As leaders in electrification, we have expert EV service providers as well as genuine Kia parts, so your electric vehicle is in very capable hands.

We also offer a bespoke Kia e-care service plan for the Kia EV6 and Niro EV. This tailored service plan provides a thorough annual check-up, including specific electric car maintenance and scheduled servicing.

Our comprehensive Kia e-Care three-year service plan delivers a range of specific and tailored EV maintenance checks. This includes:

• Tyre rotation (front to rear to manage wear)
• Brake cleaning
• Battery state of health reports
• System checks for fault codes
• Software updates
• Vehicle Health Checklist

Your electric car will receive these specialised maintenance checks and repairs on the first and third years, while the second year will be devoted to a full maintenance service.

Electric vehicles typically require a full maintenance service every other year, but the state of your EV’s battery health should be checked regularly. The Battery Health Report one of the key benefits of our Kia e-Care service. It highlights the state of your battery’s performance and notifies you of any effects it may have on your vehicle’s range and overall efficiency.

This is extremely important because when it comes to EVs, your battery performance and health is the key to everything. Which is why we care so much about maintaining it.

How much does an electric car service cost?

A typical Kia e-Care three-year service plan starts at £389 for an EV6 and £329 for the Niro EV. This is a significantly lower cost compared to servicing a petrol-based HEV and PHEV, which costs between £529 and £599. It’s also much more affordable to service an EV6 or Niro EV compared to a petrol or diesel Kia Sportage, which has a three-year service plan starting from £550.

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The future of driving is cleaner and more affordable than ever before

When it comes to the health and condition of your electric vehicle, there’s no room for neglect. Once considered the future of sustainable driving, electric cars are now very much the present. This is reflected in the improved ease, accessibility and reduced cost of electric car servicing and MOT.

There really is no better time to make the switch to Electric with Kia.

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