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UVO Customer Center

What is UVO ?

UVO is an advanced, dynamic and innovative connected car solution that seamlessly integrates your smartphone, car and its infotainment system into a single unit to provide secure, convenient and joyful experience of owning Kia.

Is UVO available in all Kia car models & variants?

UVO is a premium connected car solution and is not standard across all variants.

Is there any external device used for UVO service?

No, it is embedded inside the car for seamless operation.

Is there any subscription charge for the UVO services?

Subscription is free for initial 3 years.

What is free subscription start date?

Free Subscription clock starts from the Date Of Delivery of new vehicle.

How to download the UVO app?

UVO app is available for both Android and iOS. It can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Does the UVO app require internet connection?

Yes, internet connection is required for app usage.

How to update Map on the car infotainment system?

Customer can visit the nearest Kia Dealership to check map update availability.

I have trouble using the application. What to do?

In case of any trouble related to UVO application, please contact on 1800 108 5000 or email on

If the car is at a location with limited or no network connectivity, will the UVO service be available?

UVO service is only available when the car is in good network zone . Also a working data connection is required to fetch information on the phone.

How different is UVO from UVO Lite?

UVO Lite is a Bluetooth remote control app for only controlling the vehicle infotainment system, while the UVO is connected car app, which provides plethora of connected car services such as Navigation, Remote control, Safety, Security and Convenience features for superior customer experience.

How do I register for UVO services?

After vehicle sales, you can register UVO through:
1.Vehicle infotainment system.
2. UVO Smartphone App.
Registration through the infotainment system will allow customers to avail limited set of services, whereas full services can be availed by registering through UVO app.

How do I register through car infotainment system?

1. Switch on the infotainment system.
2. Select All Menu icon-> UVO icon -> UVO Settings icon.
3. Select Activate UVO.
4. Agree to UVO service Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
5. Basic services get activated.
Basic services : Auto Collision Notification, Road Side Assistance, SOS, Vehicle Diagnostics, Navigation Maps.

How do I register/enroll through UVO smartphone application?

1. Download 'UVO" through the app store (Apple App Store , Google Play Store).
2. Create an account using Google or Facebook, or use your e-mail account
3. Accept terms and conditions and privacy policy.
4. Enter your personal details.
5. Enter your mobile number and select send OTP.
6. Enter the OTP number received in your app and confirm.
7. Enter any desired 4 digit PIN.
8 Select add my car and agree to Terms and Conditions.
9. Enter the vehicle VIN/Chassis number and send code to vehicle.
10. Check the OTP number received in your car infotainment system in the UVO app.
Your full UVO services are now activated.

What is VIN/ CHASSIS number? Where can I find it?

VIN / Chassis number is a 17 Digit number which can be found on the:
1. Vehicle registration certificate.
2. Vehicle body. ( Passenger side B pillar: On opening the passenger side door)
3. Vehicle Infotainment system: All menus-> UVO->UVO settings-> Modem information.

How can I change my login password?

1. Go to My Profile.
2. Click on Change Password.
3. Enter existing password -> enter & confirm new password.
4. Password will be changed.

What shall I do, if I forgot password?

Click "Forget password." A verification code will be sent to your registered phone no. Enter a new password with the verification code.

How do I change my registered phone number linked to UVO?

Contact Kia Call Center for changing registered phone number.

What is a PIN?

PIN is a 4 digit number which is linked to the account for security purpose for using Remote Services.

How to Log out form the application?

Open the dropdown menu in the UVO app (Top left corner) and select logout.

Can I share the UVO app with Others?

The Car owner is the primary user of all the UVO services, owner can give the authority to others in order to use the UVO services.

Can I use single UVO app account for managing multiple Kia cars?

Yes, multiple Kia cars can be linked with a single UVO account.

How do I terminate UVO services?

1. Go to My Profile page & delete the car.
2. Customer will be directed to contact the call center.
UVO call center agent will reconfirm and the car will get deleted.
3. After deleting the vehicle customer needs to select Terminate account on My profile page.
4. Customer needs to enter the password and the account gets terminated.

How do I check the status of my subscription?

Go to My Profile in the UVO app to check the subscription status.

What should I do with my UVO account when I sell my vehicle to another person?

Customer must unenroll from the UVO service before selling the car through the UVO app or by contacting the call center. The second buyer need to enroll for availing UVO services.

I bought a used car. Can I use UVO?

The vehicle should have UVO features in the car. If the vehicle is under 3 years of free UVO subscription, the new owner will get the free subscription for the remaining period.
If the vehicle is still registered with the previous owner, customer needs to contact the call center (1800-108-5000). Call Center will verify the vehicle ownership and will facilitate with new enrollment.

What is Vehicle Tracking?

It helps in real time tracking of the car's location.

What is Location Sharing?

Customer can share the live location with near and dear ones through UVO application.

Does anyone require UVO app to be able to access the location link?

No, the location link can be accessed by anyone on their smartphone via any internet browser.

Does the navigation show traffic information?

Yes, the vehicle navigation shows live traffic information, which is available in limited states.

Does Navigation work without network connection also?

Yes. Maps can be used in offline mode also. However, to get real time traffic updates, data connection is recommended.

What is Call center assisted navigation?

Customer can contact the Kia call center and request for any destination or recommendation for nearby point of interest (e.g. Restaurant, theater, etc.). The call center sends a destination link to the vehicle infotainment system. Select the link and easily navigate to the destination.

What is Geofence alert? How does it work?

It helps in creating a virtual boundary on the map. As soon as the car enters or exits this area, Customer will receive an alert in the UVO app.

What is Time fence alert?

Customer gets a notification if the vehicle is driven during the restricted time set in UVO app.

What is Valet alert?

Customer gets a notification in case the vehicle violates the valet alert parameters defined in the UVO app.

What do the 3 buttons on the car's inside rear view mirror do?

1. The first button from the left is SOS. It will connect the customer with the Kia customer care agent who will assist with emergency services like Police, ambulance etc.
2. The center button is Road Side Assistance (RSA) button. It will connect the customer with the Kia customer care agent who will assist with Road Side Assistance.
3. The button on the extreme right is the UVO button. It will connect the customer to Kia customer care agent, who will assist with desired destination link sharing to your car infotainment system.

What is Auto collision notification?

In the event of an accident, when the airbag deploys, the vehicle sends an auto information to Kia call center and pre-saved emergency contact numbers along with your vehicle’s location. KIA call center will call the customer back for any assistance of Ambulance , RSA and Police services.
Disclaimer : KIA can only assist customer for providing emergency services. Customer is solely responsible for any payment involved to any third party for availing emergency services.

Is KIA liable for providing ambulance services to me? Are the services chargeable?

In the event of an accident, Kia call center can support in providing ambulance services to user. Kia is not liable for any delay of ambulance arrival or any risk or cost associated with ambulance services. The services will be provided with prior consent of the user and there may be charges associated with the services which user needs to settle with the ambulance/ hospital.

How many emergency contact numbers can I add with UVO App?

5 emergency contact numbers can be added through UVO app.

What is Panic notification?

On pressing the Panic Button available on key FOB , an automatic notification (SMS) will go to pre saved emergency contact numbers . Its will only work when the key FOB is within working range of the vehicle.

Is call center support available 24x7?

Yes the Call center support is available 24x7.

What is stolen vehicle tracking and immobilization?

In case of vehicle theft the vehicle can be tracked by the call center basis the user request. The call center can remotely immobilize the vehicle basis the customer request provided customer files an FIR with police. When the vehicle is immobilized, the vehicle cannot be restarted once the vehicle ignition is turned off.
Note: Call Center will mobilize the vehicle, after customer's confirmation on Stolen Vehicle Recovery.

What is remote engine Start/Stop?

Customer can remotely start/stop vehicle's engine through the UVO application. This feature is mainly used to switch on the car air conditioner remotely via app. When the engine starts, the vehicle AC & Air Purifier automatically turns on. This feature is available only in automatic transmission.
The following conditions must be met for a vehicle to be started remotely:
• All doors must be closed and locked.
• The hood and trunk must both be closed.
• Vehicle transmission is in P (Park).
• Ignition must be in OFF position.
• Sufficient Fuel and battery for the car to start.
• Vehicle must have been started within the last 168 hours.
Customer is responsible for using Remote Engine Start and Remote Horn features in accordance with any laws, rules or ordinances in effect in your vehicle’s location.

Why does my car take long to start after giving a remote engine start command?

It might take long for your vehicle to remotely start sometimes. To avoid battery drainage, when the vehicle engine is not running the vehicle is in a state of "sleep". Therefore, when an Engine Start command is given, a "wake up" message is sent to the vehicle and it takes a little time for the vehicle to boot up and acknowledge the Engine Start command.

What is Smart pure air and AQI?

AQI is Air Quality Index. The lower the Index, the safer the air to breathe. The air purifier(Smart Pure Air) installed in the vehicle can quickly clean the air inside the vehicle. Customer can remotely check the status of AQI in vehicle cabin through UVO app.

Which all feature status can I check remotely from the app?

You can check below features status remotely from your app
1. Engine ON/OFF.
3. Door Open/Close.
4. Hood & Trunk Open Close.
5. Tyre Pressure Status.
6. Fuel information.

What is Remote engine start for Manual transmission?

Remote engine start can now be remotely performed for a manual transmission Sonet also. This gives customers the convenience of cooling the vehicle cabin temperature with a predefined temperature by remotely turning on the Air Conditioning unit of vehicle.

In what conditions will the Remote engine start for manual transmission vehicle work in Sonet?

In order for the remote engine start work for manual transmission, vehicle should meet the below conditions:
- Sonet should have UVO Connected car services activated
- Vehicle Gear must be in neutral position and all doors need to be locked.
- Parking brake should be latched at the topmost notch position and vehicle should not be on an incline more that 5 degrees.

What is OTA Map updates and its benefits to Kia customers?

Over The Air Map Updates enable Kia customers to conveniently update their infotainment maps remotely from any location.Whenever there is any Map update available, customers get notified on their Infotainment screens to download the latest software.OTA is a contactless technology which helps customers avoid unnecessary trips to dealerships for map updates.OTA updates is currently available only for UVO enabled Sonet vehicles only.

What is smart watch connectivity?

UVO Customers can now remotely access their vehicle through a smart watch and control certain vehicle features like engine start/stop, Door lock/Unlock etc. conveniently. Smart Watch works when paired to the mobile, having the UVO connectivity with the car.
How can I connect my Smart Watch with Car ?
1. Customer needs to first ensure full UVO activation through the UVO mobile application.
2.Customer needs to pair the smart watch with the Mobile which has UVO mobile application.
3. Customer is then required to install UVO app in smart watch (app available in Android OS, I-OS and Tizen OS)
4. Once application is installed on the watch, customer can start using the UVO smart watch connectivity feature
Can Smart Watch Connectivity be used by all existing UVO customers?
Yes. This feature is applicable for both - new and existing UVO customers.
UVO Smart Watch is available on which OS platform ?
UVO Smart Watch Application is available on three OS Platforms, namely:
1. For Android Watch : Wear OS by Google, Refer
2. Apple Watch : Refer
3. Tizen (Samsung) : Refer
What is Kia smart watch face? Can I Personalize it?
Kia smart watch face is a personalized application which can be downloaded from the watch application store. It is an elegant watch dial design which is specially developed for KIA customers. The watch face has a dedicated UVO button for quick application access. You can even customize the colour of watch face by double tapping on the screen. Note: Kia Watch face application is only available for Android and Tizen(Samsung) platforms.
What are the features in smart watch connectivity?
With Kia smart watch application you can conveniently access 15 important UVO features:
- Remote engine Start/Stop
- Remote smart pure air On
- Remote AC Control
- Remote Door Lock/Unlock
- Remote Horn/Lights
- Remote Vehicle Status
- In Car AQI Monitoring
- Stolen Vehicle Notification
- Speed Alert
- Geo-fence Alert
- Time-fence Alert
- Valet Alert
- Idle Alert
- Tire Pressure Status
- Fuel Level Information
Will the smart watch work if I am logged out from the UVO mobile application?
No. UVO Watch Application can only be used when the customer is already logged in to the UVO application

How is the confidentiality of data being managed?

We respect customer's privacy, UVO connected platform is an advanced and secured technology which incorporates the global practices and Indian standards for customer data protection.

Disclaimer: In the light of the foregoing, KIN shall not be liable in any way for any loss or damage, direct or indirect, which may arise, from any outage, interruption, discontinuation or delay in the Service or the Application or any part thereof or any error contained therein, or from any other non-performance, defective performance or late performance due to any cause whatsoever, including errors due to malfunction of equipment, programs or operations or negligence of KIN or any Service Providers.

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Disclaimer: The product and feature images shown on this page are for representation purpose only . All UVO features are not standard across all models and may vary depending on the model and variant. Smart watch is not provided with any vehicle. UVO functionality is subject to network availability in a region. Please Visit Kia dealership for more details. Kia India Pvt. Ltd. Reserves the right to make any changes to UVO features without any prior notice.