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Kia, The Major Sponsor of The Australian Open

Since its first sponsorship in 2002, Kia has been participating in the tournament as the Major Sponsor to promote and support for the successful event. Since the day one of its partnership, over 100 new Kia vehicles are being supplied to the Tennis Australia every year to ensure the memorable and comfortable participation of the world's top tennis players, VIPs, officials and media.

  • kia-motors-corporation-has-supplied-a-fleet-of-vehicles-for-the-australian-open-2019
    Kia Motors Corporation has supplied a fleet of vehicles for the Australian Open 2019, marking the 18th consecutive year of Kia’s role as the major sponsor for the Grand Slam of the Asia-Pacific.
  • kia-supplies-120-vehicles-for-official-use-during-the-tournament
    Kia supplies 120 vehicles for official use during the tournament.
  • 17th-year-of-kias-partnership-with-the-australian-open-and-the-14th-year-of-its-association-with-rafael-nadal-in-2018
    17th year of Kia’s partnership with the Australian Open, and the 14th year of its association with Rafael Nadal in 2018.
  • kia-global-brand-ambassador-Rafael-nadal
    Kia global brand ambassador Rafael Nadal.