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What else do I need to do?

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Care should be taken to protect your vehicle from corrosion. You should inspect the body sheet-metal panels of your KIA vehicle frequently, and if you detect any stone chips or scratches in the paint or protective coating, have them repaired immediately.

If your vehicle is damaged due to an accident or any event that may cause damage to the paint, have your vehicle repaired as soon as possible.

If you drive on salted roads, or if you drive near the ocean, you should flush the under-body of the vehicle at least once a month with clean water. If you carry special cargo such as chemicals, fertilisers, de-icing salt, or other corrosive substance, be sure that such materials are well packaged and sealed.

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At speeds of 20 km/h or higher, BCW alerts you if a vehicle enters your blind spot, even when you are in the process of changing lanes. LED warnings flash on the door mirror and an audio warning is emitted when you signal to make a lane change.