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Can I use my KIA vehicle for towing?

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A :

Tow bars are available for many KIA Vehicles. Kia approved genuine tow bars are tested beyond the statutory requirements to ensure they provide trouble free operation.

When using your KIA Vehicle for towing you must ensure

  • The vehicle is properly serviced and maintained and is properly equipped for towing;
  • You comply in all respects with KIA's recommendations with respect to towing equipment, maximum loads and the correct use of the vehicle when towing;
  • You comply in all respects with the manufacturer’s recommendations when using towing hitches.

Your KIA Vehicle’s actual towing capability depends upon a number of factors. This includes

  • State regulations governing the amount which may be towed;
  • Where the towing is to be performed;
  • The vehicle’s specifications (including engine capacity and transmission type); and
  • The load carrying capacity of the towing implement (towbar, braked and unbraked towing capacities, tongue and related equipment).
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