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Can I use bio-diesel in my vehicle?

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A :

On Common Rail Direction Injection (CRDi) engines, fuel quality is of the utmost importance. In Australia, Fuel Quality and Standards are set down in the Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000.

All KIA diesel vehicles must use fuel conforming to the European Standard EN590 (or comparable equivalent). For CRDi vehicles, Bio-diesel fuel may be used up to a 5% limit (B5), providing the bio-diesel component meets the EN14214 standard (or equivalent) AND the blended diesel/bio-diesel fuel meets the EN590 standard. Use of fuels which do not meet these standards (EN590, EN14214 or their equivalents) may cause driveability issues, and may lead to increased wear and/or damage to fuel system and engine components.

KIA warranty will not cover failures or faults due to vehicle operation on fuels with a bio-diesel content greater than 5% (B5) or from the use of fuels which do not meet the required standards.

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