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Kia Finance Offer - Free Servicing for Electric Vehicles - Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions govern the operation of the Kia Finance Offer – Free 7 year’s servicing for Electric Vehicles program at authorised Kia dealers and are effective from 1 October 2023.


1. As part of Kia’s Finance Offer – Free 7 year’s servicing for Electric Vehicles program for October 2023 (Program), customers who have purchased any qualifying new EV6 GT models (Program Vehicles) and financed their vehicle through Kia Finance during October 2023 are eligible for Free 7 year’s servicing, plus the supply of a Kia MAX EVSE EV charger.


2. The Program will only apply to Program Vehicles ordered from 1 October 2023 and delivered by 31 October 2023 (inclusive). In addition, for a customer to be eligible for the Program, finance for a Program Vehicle must be approved and settled by 31 October 2023.


3. The free 7 year’s servicing for electric vehicles is equivalent to a standard scheduled service under the program and covers the cost (including GST) of:

· labour;

· genuine parts (listed in the specific Kia service schedule in the Owner’s Manual)

· Fluids; and

· sundries


4. The free 7 year’s servicing for Electric Vehicles under the Program applies only to the standard scheduled maintenance services as set out in the applicable Owner's Manual. The program does not cover the cost of any of the following:

· Additional maintenance or repair for wear and tear to items including, but not limited to, tyres, brake pads, and bulbs;

· Fluid top ups or other items required between scheduled services;

· Items that require replacement or repair due to excess wear and tear, misuse or a lack of maintenance as described in the Owner's Manual;

· Supplementary maintenance services (which will vary depending on the use of the vehicle) such as the conditions listed in the "Maintenance Under Severe Usage Conditions" in your Owner's Manual; and

· additional maintenance and repairs that may be recommended by your authorised participating Kia dealer to suit your particular driving conditions.


5. Your Kia dealer will advise if any additional items require attention prior to any works being undertaken which are not covered by the free 7 year’s servicing for Electric Vehicles. Your consent will be requested before your authorised Kia dealer completes those additional works.


6. The program is assigned to the Program Vehicle and not the owner. The free 7 year’s servicing for Electric Vehicles is transferable to subsequent owners of the Program Vehicle but cannot be transferred to another vehicle.


7. The Program applies from the Manufacturer's Warranty Start Date (as defined under the heading Definitions contained within the Service and Warranty Manual). Service due dates are taken from the Manufacturer's Warranty Start Date. The prepaid Service pricing available in this program is only available if purchased at the time of the purchase of the vehicle. The program is only applicable to vehicles imported and distributed by Kia Australia Pty Ltd and sold through authorised participating Kia dealers.


8. Servicing under the Program can be carried out and is available only at an authorised participating Kia dealer Australia wide.


9. Servicing conducted under the Program must be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's time and kilometre (whichever occurs first) scheduled maintenance requirements set out in the Owner's Manual.


10. You cannot claim both a specified distance service and the corresponding time period service separately.

11. Eligible Standard Scheduled Services

The scheduled maintenance services eligible for electric battery powered vehicles are:

· Twelve (12) months / fifteen thousand (15,000) kilometre service

· Twenty four (24) months / thirty thousand (30,000) kilometre service

· Thirty six (36) months / forty five thousand (45,000) kilometre service

· Forty eight (48) months / sixty thousand (60,000) kilometre service

· Sixty (60) months / seventy five thousand (75,000) kilometre service

· Seventy two (72) months / ninety thousand (90,000) kilometre service

· Eighty four (84) months / one hundred and five thousand (105,000) kilometre service

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