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Tuned for Australian Conditions


Tuned for Australian conditions

The confidence of optimal performance at all times

You might be surprised to know that our vehicles undergo two-to-three months of testing and tuning in Australia.
We travel on a variety of surfaces, from narrow inner-city streets to sprawling country lanes, ensuring that Kia vehicles feature handling and dynamics tailored to Australia’s unique set of conditions.

We also conduct testing on the long roads of the Northern Territory, which test the engine’s performance as well as the cooling system with ambient temperatures of over 40ºC. In this way, we assure you that every change to the tuning is based on real-world experience and not just theory.

But don’t just take our word for it. The independent critics have weighed in – and the feedback is positive.
Grant Edwards from the Morning Bulletin said, “Kia’s Australian tuning program has worked wonders,” while motoring.com.au called the Cerato, “the best ride-handling package produced by Kia Australia yet.” Meanwhile, caradvice.com.au wrote that, “Kia Sorento’s ride and handling characteristics [are] on par with the best in the business.”

When you invest in a vehicle, you want to be assured of its performance no matter where you are.
Thankfully with Kia, all of our cars have been tuned for a wide range of Australian road and weather conditions. So you can enjoy the ride more, regardless of where you’re driving and what’s happening in the environment around you.

We put it all down to our focus on you, the driver. Whether it’s offering you the latest in automotive technology and maximum safety, or backing our vehicles with Australia’s only 7 year unlimited kilometre warranty – not to mention the appointment of award-winning automotive designer, Peter Schreyer, to redesign our range.

And now, with every Kia vehicle tuned specifically for a whole range of local driving conditions and Australian road types, you’ll have the confidence that:

Your car will handle optimally, and offer stable steering, in all road conditions, from city driving to rural roads and highways

You’ll enjoy a more responsive and engaged drive, with total control over our specially-tuned steering

Your suspension has been lifted to achieve the perfect balance between comfort and handling, offering a superior driving experience

It’s all the result of our rigorous testing and product improvements.

Ultimately, however, the one critic we want to satisfy is you. We invite you to experience it all for yourself by testing out one of our vehicles today. Simply find your nearest dealer and Request a Test Drive now.