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Peter Returns



With the help of Kia’s future technology,
Peter has defeated Captain Hook
and finally brought liberation
of technology in Neverland.

At last, all people in Neverland
can now enjoy advanced technology.

Everyday life with Kia's future technology

Infinite opportunities and possibilities in everyone’s life - that is the future of mobility that Kia imagines.
Take a trip to the future and experience Kia’s technologies and innovations that will shape everyday lives and increase the joy of driving.

Boundless Convenience

Valet Parking Pilot
Parks and drives autonomously to driver's location
Smart Biometric Access System
Recognises the driver & provides customised services
Dynamic Wireless Charging System
Automatic wireless charging on road while driving
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Boundless Care

Intelligent Agent
Understands driver's needs and responds accordingly
Smart Window Display
Shows desired information & content on the front display
Health Care System
Checks driver's health condition & provides services
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Boundless Communication

Sound Focusing
Alarms only the specific targets to minimise noise.
Smart Pixel Light
Communicates with others using headlights
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Peter Pan

Peter Pan plays a key role in our film, being youthful but intelligent.

He wins the battle against Hook not because of using power,
but of understanding technology better.

He plays jokes to Wendy and Tink at all times,
but he knows when to take seriously the danger that has come to Neverland.
He and the Kia car make a perfect duo to solve the crisis.

Peter’s Trick

“Peter’s secret power : Smart Technology”

  • Sound Focusing

    Sound Focusing

  • Responsive 3D Hologram

    Responsive 3D Hologram

  • Valet Parking Pilot

    Valet Parking Pilot

Captain Hook

Hook is the perfect antagonist in our story.

As a selfish man, he rules Neverland, by keeping all the technology for himself.

His biggest fear is the crocodile, who ate up his whole arm.
Will Hook get away when the crocodile comes back with the ticking sound?


Wendy is the perfect friend for Peter.

While Peter is a bit too confident of himself at times, Wendy is more logical and realistic.

She senses trouble ahead, and she is always willing to help Peter, even when he got threatened by Hook.

Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell is a charming, little fairy.

Being a little hot tempered, she gets angry with Peter when he’s not listening to her.

Tinker has her own sense of value while confronting problems.

Don’t miss her playing an important role when releasing the technology to all in Neverland!

Making The Film


Creating <Peter Returns> was an exciting adventure, but it wasn’t easy from planning a solid story, to shooting the film. It took more than a year to finish the whole process!
We established Neverland as a future city of 2030, where technology is developed to benefit humanity.
<Peter Returns> intended to deliver Kia’s future message “Boundless for All”. You’ll discover a totally different story from the original <Peter Pan>.
Future technology is normally something that people are unfamiliar with, but with the help of our friend Peter, advanced technology will sound simple to you real soon.

Philippe André Director

Behind story

As a martial arts lover, the sword fight between me and Peter on the rooftop was my favourite scene of the film! Haha!

Neil N. Captain Hook

It was very hard to do 3D work with multiple wires, but I won't forget the amazing experience of playing Tinkerbell in this modern twist of a classic fairy tale.

Almar S. Tinker Bell

Acting the righteous Peter Pan, my childhood hero, was a unique experience. It was even better to become Peter in the future!

Matt P.Peter Pan

It is an honour to play Wendy, giving out technology to people in Neverland! I hope the day to enjoy these technology in real life comes soon!

Ellie D. Wendy