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A new wave of change

Join us on our journey to turn the tide on ocean plastic pollution.

Global partnership with The Ocean Cleanup

The co-mission of our 7-year partnership with The Ocean Cleanup
is to realise a plastic-free ocean for a better future.

Together, we are raising awareness and finding innovative solutions to rid
the oceans of plastic waste and contribute to a cleaner, healthier planet.

A shared commitment to making a difference

  • “To see Kia committing for seven years, it really means we're in this mission together.”
    Boyan Slat
    (Founder & CEO of The Ocean Cleanup)
  • “It is important not only to recognise the problem, but also to find the practical solutions together.”
    Euichul Jeong
    (Head of Kia Strategic Business Planning Division)
  • “We are one team working on a common goal, a common vision.”
    Riccardo Farina
    (Partnership Manager of The Ocean Cleanup)
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Cleaning the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
In August 2023, The Ocean Cleanup’s System002 extracted a record-breaking 55 tons of plastic from the Pacific Ocean. Following recycling, a proportion will be applied to future Kia models. Meanwhile, the new System03 technology can capture much larger quantities of plastic on a continuous year-round basis.
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Preventing plastic
pollution in rivers
With 80% of all ocean plastic flowing in from the world’s rivers, The Ocean Cleanup is strategically deploying interceptors at the mouths of rivers to prevent plastic waste from entering the marine ecosystem in the first place.