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Kia Brand Tool Kit

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Welcome to our new Kia brand tool kit.
This resource is to assist in building our brand in a creative and consistent way.
On this page you’ll find our refreshed brand assets and the story on how we got to where we are.

We look forward to sharing these with you to help bring our brand to life.

Brand story.

Kia is an optimistic brand. We believe and seek opportunities to create inspiration through movement.

Our clear sense of purpose and commitment to excellence is communicated in our bold and purpose-driven voice.
kia australia brand story

Logo suite.

Our new logo moves smoothly and contains sharp precise angles to embody precision with grace.

It symbolises connection and confidence with a bold signature.
kia australia branding logo

CI Guidelines.

These guidelines represent the visual core of the new Kia. They are designed to help people who are responsible for positioning and protecting Kia as an inspiring brand.

Our Application and Communication guidelines are available to download alongside the CI guidelines to ensure a smooth transition into the new brand.
kia australia corporate image guidelines
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