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New Mild Hybrid, Eco-Dynamics+ cuts Sportage running costs

A new mild-hybrid powertrian improves the economy and lowers emissions, providing an extra appealing business option.

The New Kia Sportage is now available with a new, advanced, mild-hybrid powertrain, which lowers running costs by reducing emissions and improving fuel economy.

While there was already 2.0 CRDi mild-hybrid variant available for Sportage, this new powertrain pairs the intelligent 48V Eco-Dynamics+ technology with our advanced 1.6 CRDi diesel engine. Currently available on '4' and 'GT-Line S' grades however this is soon to be rolled out across diesel engines throughout the range by the end of the year.

The system improves efficiency by using the 48V electric motor to allow the combustion engine to switch off automatically when slowing down to a speed below 18 mph - this is a huge bonus in stop/start city-driving scenarios.

The motor can also improve the driving experience by providing extra torque to assist with acceleration from low speeds. The system works seamlessly, and is a vast improvement over traditional non-hybrid stop/start systems.

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Lower Emissions and Improved Fuel Economy

Compared to the non-mild-hybrid variant, the '4' grade manual benefits from a 15g/km reduction in CO2 , while its fuel economy is increased from 44.1 mpg to 46.4 mpg (combined WLTP) - that's an increase of 5.2 per cent.

Meanwhile, the two-wheel-drive '4' DCT auto has its emissions cut from 129g/km to 118g/km, and fuel economy is boosted from 44.8 to 47.9 mpg (WLTP), an impressive 6.9 per cent gain.

These CO2 reductions will help lower BIK tax. Add that to the improved fuel economy and you get a notably more appealing 'whole-life cost'. And of course, you still get the New Sportage's signature blend of style, space and incredibly generous feature list.

If you like the idea of a New Sportage, or fancy a test drive, why not check out our latest offers or give our dedicated Business Centre a call?