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The power to make imagination a reality

Design Directions

Design Gives Spirit to the Brand

Design is not just about shapes, lines or decoration. It is about instilling soul into a brand and making customers passionate about a product. The ultimate goal of Kia's styling activities is to create complete, pure and unprecedented designs that define the Kia brand. To this end, Kia will seek deeper interaction with more people around the world to gain a more extensive understanding of different markets and technologies as we strive to make the Kia brand more exciting and fun.

Design Directions

The Simplicity of the Straight Line

The simplicity of straight line is one of the core fundamentals underpinning Kia's design philosophy. Straight lines represent clarity, precision and distinctiveness, and these traits are fully reflected in the attitudes and vision of Kia designers. Our design efforts are focused on attaining long-term loyalty from customers with simple shapes, delicate interior and exterior details and the provision of experiences that are hard to find in other cars.

Design Features

Kia Family Face

Kia created a visual symbol as powerful as its brand logo. The signature grill, headlamps and brand logo form a unique and consistent family look that has evolved over the years and is now so common on the roads that people can instantly recognize the brand from a distance or in the dark.


Design Process

Sketching & Rendering
Initial design concepts are created through idea sketching following analysis of consumer trends and lifestyles.
Tape Drawing
The full size sketch of the concept is created on an upright surface using black photographic tape to determine the match between the design aim and the actual image.
Digital Modeling
The vehicle is recreated through a computer- generated 3D image whose data is then used for assessing the design and aerodynamics.
VR Model Review
Virtual reality technology is used to comprehensively review a design and ultimately determine the direction for the final design.
1:1 Scale Clay Modeling
A 5-axis CNC milling machine creates a life-size model of the car, which is then completed under the precise hands of modelers.
Color & Trim
A diverse range of color options is developed to best match the design of the car and add more life and style to it based on extensive analysis of consumer preferences.
Design Introspective : Kia Telluride
From the Team at Kia Design Center America