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Kia Owner's Apps

Connected services to make the most of your Kia

Driving a Kia gives you access to a number of mobile applications to bring your experience to the next level. With MyKia, Kia Connect (UVO) and Kia Charge, you have the best services at your fingertips.

  • MyKia

    MyKia is the place where you access personalized information about your vehicle, including your 7-Year / 150,000km Warranty. That’s also where you gain access to online service booking, the latest Kia news or even some exclusive Kia prize draws.

  • Kia Connect (UVO)

    If you have a vehicle equipped with Kia Connect (UVO) and have activated this feature, you can install the Kia Connect (UVO) app on your phone. With the app, you can remotely control certain functions, receive notifications and check the vehicle’s status. Do you need any support with using Kia Connect (UVO)? Help is available here.

  • Kia Charge

    For those who own an electric or plug-in hybrid Kia, Kia Charge makes access to Ireland and Europe’s public charging stations easy. You can find a station, charge and pay all with only one solution.

  • Kia Account

    We are merging all Kia logins into a single one for our three apps. If you need help with your login, please follow instructions on this page.

  • MyKia is the home of your personalized Kia experience. It is with MyKia that you find all the benefits, which includes our industry-leading 7-Year / 150,000km Warranty.

    In addition, you can use MyKia to:

    • Manage the servicing and maintenance of your car.
    • Keep up-to-date with the latest news on Kia and our products
    • Obtain quotes for Genuine Kia accessories.
    • Enter competitions for exclusive prizes and sporting events.

  • Once you’ve activated KIA Connect (UVO) in your Kia, install the Kia Connect (UVO) app to access to a wide range of useful functionalities including:

    • Vehicle location and Augmented Reality Guidance: Check your Kia's location and be guided to it using Augmented Reality Guidance.

    • Vehicle status: The app gives you an overview of your Kia’s status including fuel/battery level or the locking of your doors. It also warns you if any of your Kia’s functions isn’t working as it should.

    • Notifications and remote control: Get warned if your Kia’s anti-theft alarm is triggered or if you left your doors unlocked. What’s more you can lock or unlock doors, wherever you are.

    • User-profile-linked vehicle settings: Select your preferred vehicle settings from your phone for a tailored experience once you get behind the wheel.

    • Send to car: find a destination on your phone and send it to your vehicle so you can set off straight away once behind the wheel.

    • Climate control pre-set: if you have a Kia electric car, you can pre-set your climate control before you get in your car.

    • Battery charging: if you have an electric or plug-in hybrid Kia, you can schedule, start or stop battery charging sessions from your phone.

  • Download the Kia Connect (UVO) app from App Store

  • Download the Kia Connect (UVO) app from Google Play

  • Kia Charge is the only thing you need to charge your Kia on the go.

    • Access to a huge network of public charge points: Kia Charge gives you access to vast majority of public charging networks in 29 European countries.

    • The only app you need: You can start charging using either the app or dedicated card. You don’t have to make any payment on site: Everything is handled in Kia Charge as part of a monthly, itemised billing process.

    • Reliable, up-to-date information: You can apply a range of filters to find the right station and you have access to up-to-the-minute information about availability and pricing.
    • Tailored subscriptions: ‘Easy’ is a no-commitment tariff for light users of public charging while ‘Plus’ is for those who tend to charge away from home more often.

    • Best value with a range of bolt-on subscriptions including IONITY: You can add up to two bolt-on subscriptions – for bp pulse and/or IONITY - to benefit from the best value possible when charging within these networks.

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