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Kia Account

From one Kia Account.
Your access to Kia's digital world.

Take your digital ownership experience to the next level: Enjoy access to all Kia Connected Services and apps, on all your devices – all with one single Kia Account profile.

Discover all the benefits now:

  • kia account full control

    Full control. Pure convenience.

    Your Kia Account gives you access to KiaCharge, Kia Mobility, MyKia and UVO. Explore Kia’s digital services.

  • kia account one password

    Just one password to remember.

    Now you can combine all your existing and future Kia services in one single account.

  • kia account privacy

    Privacy & security guaranteed.

    Rest assured: The protection of your personal data and devices is paramount to us.

  • kia experience

    All part of the Kia experience.

    Did we mention it’s also absolutely free?

Discover all the benefits now:

Frequently Asked Questions

Kia Account allows you to combine all your existing and future Kia’s services under a single credential, eliminating the need to keep track of all your services credentials.

There are two options to create your Universal ID.

1. Visit the Kia Account Registration Site and follow the instructions.
2. Visit any of Kia service and upgrade to Kia Account. This process is much more convenient because data from the service are prefilled in the Kia Account registration process.

1. Accept the terms of use
In order to create a Kia Account, please read and accept the contents of the Kia Account Terms of Use and Privacy Statement.

2. Register your details
Upon registration, you will be asked to enter information such as your first name, last name, country and email address into a form.

3. Create a password
You will need to provide a strong password, which is 8 (min) – 20 (max) characters in length and contains a combination of lowercase letters, capital letters, numbers, and symbols. You must confirm your password is correct by re-entering it. This will be the password used to log into your new Kia Account.

4. Activate your account via email
Once your details and password are submitted, you will receive an email to activate your account. Complete your Kia Account registration by clicking the link in the email. The account activate link will be valid for 24 hours.

Currently, KiaCharge, Kia Connect and MyKia. We are using a phased approach to integrate Kia Account into more Kia’s sites and services over time.

Kia Account at some point will replace current profiles management in the Kia’s services, will unify it and will be mandatory.

Kia Account is a free service offered by Kia and requires no software installation.