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Voice assistant

Kia Service Voice Assistant & Chat Bot

Discover convenient new ways to make contact with Kia and your local Kia dealer’s service department with the Kia Google Voice Assistant and Facebook Messenger Bot.

  • Google Voice Assistant

    Google Voice Assistant

    Simple open your voice assistant and say:

    "Hey Google, talk to Kia Service"

  • Facebook Messenger Bot

    Facebook Messenger Bot

    Visit the Kia Ireland Facebook page and click on Messenger to begin your conversation.

  • ✔ Book a service appointment

    ✔ Get directions to your chosen dealer

    ✔ Request your vehicle service intervals

    ✔ Ask about service costs

    ✔ Ask about warranty terms

Download the Google Assistant App

  • Download Google Voice Assistant app from the App Store

  • Download Google Voice Assistant app from the Play Store