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Digital Services

Connected to what matters

Kia offers you a range of services that enable you to stay connected and drive smarter. From infotainment and charging, to safety and driving assistance — our integrated platforms are there to help every step of the way. Discover our range of innovative car technology, designed to bring the driving experience of tomorrow into your car today.

  • Kia Account

    Kia Account

    We are merging all Kia logins into a single one for our three apps. If you need help with your login, please follow instructions on this page.

  • Kia Connect

    Kia Connect is your key to the very best Kia experience. Offering a range of innovative features for both fuel-powered and electrified cars, it lets you interact with your Kia, all from just your smart phone.

    Kia Connect
  • Software Updates

    Software Updates

    We are constantly improving our onboard navigation system to bring you the best possible experience. Whatever the age of your vehicle, you can carry out your navigation system’s update yourself free of charge.

  • Kia Charge

    Kia Charge is the only thing you need to charge your Kia on the go. Access to a huge network of public charge points: Kia Charge gives you access to vast majority of public charging networks in 29 European countries.

    Kia Charge