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    Charging your Kia on the go with Kia Charge.

One card. One bill. +500,000 charging opportunities.

With Kia Charge, you will always have a hassle-free, widely available and easy-to-use charging service at hand wherever you go. All you need is one simple card: The Kia Charge RFID card gives you quick and easy access to the growing DCS network of over 500,000+ charging stations across 28 countries in Europe. Furthermore, you benefit from a wide range of helpful services within the Kia Charge App and two attractive tariffs – for a more convenient, efficient and easy charging experience.

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Always in charge, never to worry.

Four reasons why Kia Charge is the most comfortable and convenient way to charge your electric vehicle:

1. Your Kia Charge card is your ticket to easy charging.

  • Access over 500%2C000%2B charging stations

    Access over 500,000+ charging stations

    We partnered with the leading provider of charging stations, Digital Charging Solutions, so your Kia Charge card works with the majority of all existing stations across Europe. But it does not stop here: The network of Digital Charging Solutions will continue to expand their service in the coming years. To provide premium charging services covering all relevant EV markets and give you the key card to limitless travels with your electric Kia.

  • Never worry about compatibility

    Never worry about compatibility

    Forget about different charging standards and cables. All you need to have with you for charging at AC public chargers is a Type-2 AC charging cable. As for DC charging stations, the respective cable is always attached to the charging station.

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2. Your Kia Charge app takes care of everything.

  • KiaCharge app

  • The displayed app screens are for illustration purpose only and do not necessarily show the latest version of the Kia Charge App.

  1. In-depth POI and nearby charging point information
    Have live information on charging points such as charger type and charger availability forecast readily available at your fingertips and easily navigate to your next go-to charger.
  2. Real time price updates
    Registered customers can always keep an eye on the price and access the charging rates for stations in their area in real time. There's no easier way to make your budget go the extra mile for you.

3. Your Kia Charge account gives you peace of mind.

  • Convenient payment through monthly billing

    Convenient payment through monthly billing

    Charge up and move on without thinking of the bill or collecting countless receipts. With our easy card payment solutions, all charges run on the same bill at the end of the month.

  • Full transparency and insightful data

    Full transparency and insightful data

    Always get the most out of your charge: With in-depth information about your power consumption, you can optimize your charges. So you can make the most of your time and money.

  • Tailored tariffs that fit your type of usage

    Tailored tariffs that fit your type of usage

    Benefit from fixed monthly subscription rates to access attractive pricing models or keep it flexible with pay-per-charge tariffs whenever you need a boost away from your home charger.

Two base tariffs

  • Kia Charge Easy is for those of you who usually drive short distances and do most of your charging at home. It gives you the freedom to charge whenever and wherever you need to – with no monthly subscription fees. Perfect for city commuters and plug-in hybrid drivers.

  • Kia Charge Plus is made for all who charge mainly at public charging stations and want to take advantage of the best prices from a wide range of charging providers. The best choice for intensive usage – no matter if you’re driving a Plug-in Hybrid or a fully electric car.

Kia Charge Easy Kia Charge Plus


Price of local operator
Price of local operator including discount

Session Fee


Full flexibility without monthly fees
Always get the best price wherever you charge

Two optional subscriptions

Kia Charge Easy Kia Charge Plus

1. Access subscription

For a montly fee of just €4.50, enjoy charging at the highly competitive rate of €0.52 per kWh on major motorways across Europe.
Kia Charge Easy Kia Charge Plus

2. Power subscription

For a monthly fee of just €13.00, enjoy charging at the highly competitive rate of €0.29 per kWh - the lowest public charging rate on any motorway in Europe.

The IONITY add-on can be seamlessly combined with each tariff option above. Offering you additional fast charging options at extremely competitive rates – with two fixed monthly fee(2) options to choose from, and convenient billing once a month rather than per session.

4. Kia Charge is committed to making charging sustainable.

Electrified vehicles can only be completely green if they support the use of renewable energy. Green charging plays a key role, ensuring every step of the process is environmentally friendly.

  • Sustainable charging explained: how we make it possible.

    Sustainable charging explained: how we make it possible.

    The equivalent amount of energy consumed while charging an electrified vehicle will be offset into the European energy grid as green energy. This is done through the purchase of renewable energy certificates with Guarantee of Origin.

  • Green and transparent.

    Green and transparent.

    Guarantees of Origin are the official standard form of green energy certificates in Europe, which are issued by independent registration bodies to certify the origin of renewable energy.

  • Green gets greener.

    Green gets greener.

    Using renewable energy to charge your electrified vehicle can reduce CO2 emissions even further.

5. Extend your Kia Charge experience with the IONITY add-on.

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  1. Faster charging made effortless
    IONITY’s ever-expanding network of high-power charging stations offers a charging capacity of up to 350 kWh – so you can charge your EV for a 100 km range in as little as 5 minutes!(3)
  2. Faster, further, more economical
    With just one monthly subscription payment for unlimited charging on major motorways throughout Europe – the IONITY add-on is especially made for frequent travellers. Your overall costs are significantly lower compared to pay-per-session rates.
  3. Enjoy maximum convenience and reliability
    The fast-charging IONITY stations are located approximately every 120 km on major motorways across Europe. Offering a seamless charging solution that makes long-distance EV driving easier than ever.
  4. Simply use your Kia Charge RFID card
    Whichever Kia Charge solution you choose, the process remains just as simple if you opt for the IONITY add-on: You still have just one RFID and one bill – plus endless freedom to drive long distances all around Europe.

Ready to make charging anxiety a thing of the past?

Get your own Kia Charge account today to benefit from our ever-growing network of charging stations and services.

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All technical data and technical specification are expected targets, pending further development and homologation. All figures are subject to change.

(1) Kia Charge
Kia Charge is a solution provided by our partners Digital Charging Solutions (Public Charging) and Allego (Home Charging).

Subscription fee may vary between countries.

Applies for the new EV6. Charging times may vary depending on your vehicle model.