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uvo telematics


Tap into the future

Why wait for the future if you can drive it? UVO CONNECT drives your car experience into a new digital era. While Kia On-Board Services deliver significant real-time information wherever you go, our new UVO app gives you a new level of control placed comfortably at your fingertips.

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The displayed app screens are for illustration purpose only and do not necessarily show the latest version of UVO CONNECT and Kia On-Board Services.

One tap ahead with UVO App

Get in touch with your car, wherever you are: The UVO app offers complete peace of mind with a whole range of features dedicated to providing diagnostic data about your car's status and your driving statistics. The app can also activate a range of vital functions and features remotely with a finger's touch.

Know more, go further with Kia On-Board Services

Always stay informed ahead of the curve: Kia On-Board Services give you access to seamless and detailed information about your trip and car diagnostics displayed directly on the navigation screen in real-time. Once activated, Kia On-Board Services retrieve and update live data for their services, either using the SIM card included in the infotainment system, or via a mobile hotspot provided by your phone.



Fully in charge: Get the most out of your battery pack by remotely starting, stopping, and scheduling your charging progress. It's not only a big plus in comfort, but also greatly minimizing cost and time with every charge, while maximizing battery life. From anywhere, with ease. Available for fully electric and plug-in models.


UVO App – Vehicle Information


Always in the know – even if you’re not driving: Valet Parking Mode keeps you up to date when somebody else is behind the wheel. Monitor your Kia’s location, driving time, distance and top speed using the UVO App. Your personal data is protected since the actual driver has only limited access to the Kia head unit.



Set the temperature for a perfect driving experience: With our fully electric models, you can remotely activate, set and schedule climate control before you get in the car, so it's just right when you get in. Not just for you, but for your Kia as well: With the right temperature in check, your batteries deliver best responsiveness and ideal power conversion right from the start.




You’ll never walk alone: The Last Mile Navigation feature in the UVO App takes you by the hand and guides you from your car, once you’ve parked, to your actual end destination. Your only focus is finding a parking space. Even if you don’t know the area, you’ll always get straight to where you need to go.



A feature you can't lose with: The Locator functionality ensures that you always know where you last parked your car, no longer having to search for it in large parking lots or unfamiliar streets.




Always know what’s ahead: Online Navigation identifies the fastest route on every journey, by accessing cloud-based live and historic traffic data. Constantly updated information adjusts your route in real time and gives you an accurate estimated time of arrival.



The online directory displays the locations of charging stations for Plug-in models as well as other details such as payment methods, plug availability and compatible connector types.



Door Control

Never again leave your car unlocked – or yourself locked out of your car. With UVO App, you can remotely lock and unlock your Kia from anywhere with a simple tap.



Whether you choose Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid, Electric or Combustion: The possibilities of the UVO App and Kia On-Board Services are versatile and extensive, making the most of your Kia experience.


  • Last Mile Navigation

    You’ll never walk alone: Park your Kia, let the UVO App take you by the hand, and show you the fastest route on foot from your Kia to the final address.

  • Valet Parking Mode

    Always in in the know: Monitor vehicle location, driving time, driving distance and top speed in the UVO App, no matter who’s driving your Kia. All while keeping your onboard data protected.

  • User Profile Transfer

    Stay in your comfort zone: Restore all your vehicle settings with ease after somebody else drives your Kia. With the UVO App, all your preferences are just one tap away.

  • Climate Control (electric vehicles only)

    Climate makes comfort: For fully electric models, you can remotely activate, set and schedule climate control, so it's just right when you get in.

  • Battery control(electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles only)

    You got the power: With plug-in models, you can remotely start, stop and schedule battery charging process and see your battery's status at a glance.

  • Find My Car

    A feature you can't lose with: Find your car anywhere with the Locator function – ideal if you parked your Kia in a large car park.

  • Send To Car

    Your way, all the way: Plan and set your journey in advance with the UVO App, then send it seamlessly to your Kia’s navigation system.

  • Vehicle Status

    Always on top of things: Get an overview of key elements of your car´s status such as ignition, fuel or battery charge level, as well as door and window lock, seating, and lights.

  • My Trips

    Let your stats speak for themselves: Get a summary on your previous journeys, including average speed, distance driven and time in transit.

  • Door Control

    Protection is key: You can remotely lock & unlock doors of your Kia via UVO App without a key or fob5.


  • Kia Online Navigation

    Always know what’s ahead: Take the fastest route and avoid traffic jams using cloud-based live and historic traffic data.

  • Third Party Calendar

    A seamless plan: View your smartphone's calendar on your navigation screen and let it guide you straight to the location of your upcoming appointments.

  • Points of interest

    Looking for a place to eat, a local business or somewhere special to visit? All this regularly updated information and more is easily accessible via Points of Interest in the Kia On-Board Services.

  • Parking

    To help you park your car swiftly, the system will indicate parking areas before you arrive at your destination. It will show potential on-street parking spaces based on historic data, and off-street parking with colour-coded availability, including locations, details and prices.

  • Voice Recognition

    Let your voice be heard. The incorporated voice recognition system acts out your commands so you can keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the action.

  • Camera/danger zones(4)

    You’ll also be alerted to a whole range of speed cameras, including mobile and stationary ones, as well as restricted access zones. The system can even take into account areas where accidents are particularly common and warn you about these accident black spots.

  • Notification Center

    Let your Kia give you a push: Notifications will let you know whenever the car alarm is triggered and share a set of personalized notifications from Kia as well as important insights and diagnostic information about your Kia.

  • Weather forecast

    Is your weekend away going to be sunny or a washout? Better check the three-day weather forecast. Just type in your destination to view a complete summary, including minimum and maximum temperatures, wind speed and chances of sun or rain.

  • Charging stations

    The online directory displays the locations of charging stations for Plug-in models as well as other details such as payment methods, plug availability and compatible connector types.

  • Fuel Info

    Just go where it's low. Fuel prices of the nearest patrol stations are automatically updated to Kia On-Board Services so you can plan refueling stops accordingly.

All features in the section above are available in the latest version of UVO App and Kia On-Board Services. Depending on your Kia model you might not have access to all of them.


With UVO CONNECT, car connectivity is as easy as it is amazing. In this tutorial, we show you how to make the most of your Kia with UVO CONNECT.

General use and pairing process

First things first: Setup your Kia and pair it to your mobile device to use all connectivity features.

Status, notifications & services

Teach your Kia to talk: How to access vehicle status, receive push notifications and make use of helpful services.

Remote control features

Know more, do more: Find, lock & unlock your car, send destination info to your Kia's navigation system and review your last trips.

Kia On-Board Services

Always ahead of the curve: How to get live information on traffic, weather, speed cameras and road warnings as well as live POI and parking info.

E-Mobility features

The "E" stands for easy: How to schedule and control cabin climate and battery charging and access in-depth data about your energy-usage.

The tutorials are for illustration purpose only and do not necessarily show the latest version of UVO CONNECT and Kia On-Board Services.


And you can also pass it on: reselling your Kia within the warranty terms and the new owner will also benefit from the remaining time or mileage. It’s just one of the great benefits of the Kia Promise- giving you greater value for longer. With Kia you get 7 years of driving pleasure, 7 years of fun, 7 years of adventure, excitement and exhilaration. Not to mention 7 years of lower running costs and 7 years peace of mind... For full details, terms & conditions please follow the below link.


Start Driving with UVO Connect

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Frequently Asked Questions

UVO is not just a phone app. UVO is a telematics system that is integrated into the vehicle.
The UVO telematics system allows direct vehicle connection to Kia Live Services and also allows you to control aspects of the vehicle, from a smartphone, using the UVO app.
The UVO app is available for both iPhone and Android.

UVO is available on select models fitted with the UVO telematics System.
Please contact your local dealer for the latest details.

The simplest way to check this is to look at the multimedia touchscreen and look for the UVO icon. If it’s not there then the vehicle is not fitted with the UVO telematics system.

To use UVO Connect the vehicle must have a factory fitted telematics system.
It is not possible to retrofit this system.

UVO connect uses an e-SIM which is embedded into the telematics system and is connected directly to a cellular data provider.
You can activate UVO on your vehicle and access the Kia Live services (Navigation, Traffic Data etc.) without using a smartphone.
However to use the remote access features you must download the app onto a smartphone and set up an UVO account.

Access to the Kia Live services from your vehicle is free for 7 years. Please refer to the Legal Disclaimer on this page for further details.
If using UVO remote services from your smartphone you may use some of your mobile data and this may be charged to you, depending on your network plan.

Kia have partnered with Vodafone to provide UVO with the cellular data.
So, you can access UVO services from anywhere in Europe where Vodafone, or one of its partners, operates.

To allow others to share your vehicle and access its UVO features, from their smartphone, they must firstly download the app and setup their own account.
You can then share access to the vehicles data and remote features with them.

At any time you can delete your UVO account and all of its data from your vehicle and the app.,
You may then sell the vehicle and the new owner can reinitiate UVO and set up their own account.
However they will not be able to access any of your previous data.

From your vehicles touchscreen you can select ‘Offline Mode’ which is similar to the ‘Airplane mode’ on your phone.
When Offline mode is activated no data is sent or received.

For security. This PIN is used whenever you access remote services from your smartphone app.
After 10 minutes you will be asked for the PIN again.

On Petrol, Diesel and Hybrid vehicles the engine needs to run to operate the heating and cooling systems.
This produces exhaust emissions which may, in enclosed areas, cause issues.
Electric Vehicles do not produce emissions when they are operating and so it is safe to operate the heating and cooling systems remotely.

Legal Disclaimers

All technical data and technical specification are expected targets, pending further development and homologation. All figures are subject to change

  • (1) The Kia 7-year/ 150,000 km new car warranty

    Max. 150,000 km vehicle warranty. Valid in all EU member states (plus Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Gibraltar). Deviations according to the valid guarantee conditions, e.g. for paint and equipment, subject to local terms and conditions.

  • (2) 7 years of map updates

    The program is only valid for new Kia vehicles purchased after February 28, 2013 with factory installed LG navigation devices. Labour costs may be incurred at the service point for the time available to perform the update. The 7-year map update program offers six map updates, as Kia vehicles are already shipped ex works with the latest map available. The warranty of the navigation system is not affected by this program. Kia is not responsible for the quality of the card data supplied by the card data supplier

  • (3) TomTom® Live Services

    The services are free for 7 years after the first connection of navigation to the mobile network. If the first connection does not take place immediately after purchase, the duration is reduced by the time between purchase and first connection.

  • (3.1) UVO Connect

    Information and control service for your Kia; the Services will be available free of charge for a period of seven years commencing on the day the vehicle is sold to the first owner of the vehicle, i.e. the point in time the initial purchase agreement becomes effective, and may be subject to change during that period. Details of operation and terms of use can be obtained from your Kia partner and on kia.com. Smartphone with iOS or Android operating system and mobile phone contract with data option necessary incurring additional cost.

  • (4) TomTom® Speed Camera Services

    Most governments and local authorities agree that the TomTom Speed Camera service makes driving safer. At Kia we comply with local legislation and where necessary adapt our practice.

  • (5) Remote Unlocking

    All Irish specification models are fitted with door deadlocks. If a vehicle is locked remotely, it must be unlocked using the key fob.