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The All-New Kia Rio

Your time. Your rules.

Your time. Your rules.
Are you ready?

An exciting life awaits beyond the noise of doubts, fears and work commitments. It’s time to not look back. It’s time to embrace the new. It’s time to get in touch with everything around you. It’s your time now. And what better way to say yes to new adventures than with the All-New Kia Rio right by your side.

  • Spacious Interior

    Spacious Interior

    Now you can live out all those adventures in a well-deserved comfort. The All-New Kia Rio comes with more legroom for you and four others, bigger cargo capacity and a larger cabin. So, get in, fasten your seatbelt and relax all the way to your next destination.

  • Rear Park Assist

    Rear Park Assist

    Why turn your head when parking when you could have everything you need in front of you, on an interactive display? Yes, parking is now child’s play. ('2' upwards)

  • Connectivity


    It’s time to use that technological progress to your advantage. The All-New Kia Rio has Apple CarPlay™, Android Auto™ and a 7” floating touchscreen that simplifies access to navigation, entertainment and comfort controls. ('3' upwards)*

  • Smart Key

    Smart Key

    Carry the smart key with you every time you drive the All-New Kia Rio. Doors will unlock and the engine will start at the push of a button. ('First Edition')

The All-New Kia Rio

It’s time to start your journey, unlock the possibilities and discover what’s to come.

Images shown for illustration purposes only and may not be to UK specification.

*The All-New Kia Rio is among first the Kia models to feature Android Auto™, designed to work with Android phones running 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher. Apple CarPlay™ is available for iPhone 5 or newer models. Both systems feature voice control and allow the driver to keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road ahead at all times.