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  • Home Charging

    Discover just how easy it is with the Kia Charge Home Solution.

Convenient and cost-effective, in the comfort of your home.

The majority of people charge their electric vehicle at home. And no wonder: It gives you the flexibility to charge whenever you want, day or night. Plus the convenience of not having to drive to a petrol station or public charge point and queue. Not to mention the potential of saving you a great deal of money in the long run.

Home charging does require off-street parking, and you’ll need to have a dedicated home charger installed. The good news: Kia offers all that in a one-stop service, that is convenient, cost-effective and packed with smart benefits.

  • 1. Home Charger

  • 2. Installation

  • 3. Service & Maintenance

  • 4. Chargepoint Management

Three simple steps to installing your home charger.

Having a charger fitted in your home is easier than you think – with our professional and seamless installation service.

  • 1. Submit Request

  • 2. Planning Installation

  • 3. Installation

  1. Submit your request
    Simply visit your local Kia dealer and register for the Kia Charge Home Solution portal.
  2. Plan for installation
    Coordinate details in advance via the Kia Charge Home Solution portal – providing information and photos, e.g. about the location, the fuse box and other important aspects, to assure a smooth installation.
  3. Leave it to the pros
    Have an approved and certified professional come to your home and install your home charger on a pre-arranged date.
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One solution. Endless benefits.

Once installed, you can charge whenever you like – and the benefits of the Kia Charge Home Solution just keep on flowing. Here are just a few.

Convenience & peace of mind
Keep your life as easy and convenient as possible, thanks to 24/7 customer support and regular maintenance that make sure your home charger is in working order at all times. And with your own personal home charger you can keep checks on its condition and avoid any surprises much better.

As well as saving money on fuel and motor tax with every day you drive electric, the cost of green electricity is also falling year on year. Meaning even lower bills in future.

Flexibility with tariffs
With Kia’s professional home charging solution, you are free to choose your electricity supplier. And switch tariff whenever it makes sense for you.

Possible subsidies
Depending where you live, you may find that your local authority subsidizes or grants tax credits on your purchase of a home charging solution. Making it even better value for money.

Long-term future value
The Kia Charge Home Solution is engineered for the future – meaning it is compatible for use both with current and future electric vehicle models. It is also likely to increase the value of your property – with demand for homes with chargers growing as more and more people switch to electric driving.

Choose just the right options to suit your needs.

Each of our Kia Charge home charger options are robust, safety tested and reliable, with smart functionality to maximize energy efficiency and convenience. Now all you need to do is opt for the charging and service package ideally suited to you. And depending on your grid connection and available power from your fuse box.

  • KiaCharge app

  • Kia Charge Ecoline

    • Charging capacity: up to 7.4kW
    • Output power: 1-phase
    • Integrated charging cable
    • Wall-mounted
    • Professional installation at home
    • 24/7 customer support with remote and on-site maintenance
    • 2 years warranty package
  • Kia Charge Proline

    • Charging capacity: up to 22kW
    • Output power: 1-phase or 3-phase
    • Integrated charging cable
    • Wall-mounted
    • Full colour 3.5” display: For session information
    • MID certified energy meter for settling electricity
    • Dynamic load balancing possible through cooperation with smart meter
    • 24/7 customer support with remote and on-site maintenance
    • EV Cloud & Chargepoint Management System (including data plan)
    • Connection to cloud: via SIM card
    • RFID card reader to secure the charger: swipe your Kia Charge Card to start a session
    • 2 years warranty package

Kia Charge: Your all-in-one EV charging solution.

Whether you charge your electric vehicle at home, at a public charging station, or a mix of both – Kia offers an all-in-one professional solution designed to keep your life as simple as possible. You have just one Kia Charge account, one RFID card and one monthly invoice – giving you a seamless charging experience and full transparency over your usage and costs. In both a dedicated Kia Charge Home Solution web portal and mobile App. Always easy to understand and convenient to use – thanks to smart features, flexible tariffs and 24/7 customer support included.

Full charging control from your phone with Kia Connect App.

  • KiaCharge app

  • The displayed app screens are for illustration purpose only and do not necessarily show the latest version of Kia Connect App.

The ultimate convenience: You can control your vehicle battery remotely from your phone via Kia Connect App – wherever and whenever you need to.

In the dedicated Kia Connect App you can:

  • Monitor the charging status of your electric vehicle
  • View the expected remaining charging time
  • Schedule charging based on your departure time or at cost-saving off-peak times
  • Limit charging for fast and standard charge modes (EVs only)
  • And much more!

A helping hand to get you started.

Ready to experience the best in home charging?

Contact your Kia dealer now about the Kia Charge Home Solution – and start enjoying convenient, smart home charging that fits perfectly with your lifestyle.

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Want to know more?

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to help make your decision even easier.

A professional home charger has some key benefits compared to charging your electric vehicle from a home socket: - You will be able to charge your car 5 to 8 times faster depending on your grid connection - It’s much more robust, safer and reliable - The home charging solution Proline enables you to reimburse electricity costs with third parties, like your employer

The home charger is available in different configurations, so that you are able to match it with the available power in your fuse box. Starting at 3.7kW (=18-20 km added per hour), up to 11kW (=up to 110-130 km added per hour). Charge your car during the night, at work or whenever your car is at standstill and you will always be sure your car is fully charged. The actual charging speed depends on: - The maximum power of the selected home charger - The charging technology of your car (1-phase or 3-phase charging) - Your grid connection and available power from your fuse box

A connected charging point allows you to check all charging session details via web portal. They also enable the operator to install firmware updates and fixes remotely if required. Ensuring a constantly up-to-date charger and a smooth charging experience for you now and in the future. If you choose Kia Proline or Kia Proline Business you can limit access to the charging point to just yourself, preventing other people from charging in your driveway. Both home charging solutions also allow you to claim electricity costs, e.g. when your employer pays for charging your vehicle.

You will receive a notification via your Kia Connect App once your electric vehicle is fully charged.

It is possible to install a home charger even when you don’t have your own driveway or grid connection. Please note that in most cases you will need to follow the procedure of the homeowner association to make sure that you receive approval for the necessary installation measures, like cabling and possible adjustments within the central fuse box. When buying a connected home charger, reimbursement of electricity costs towards the homeowner association can be offered as a service.

In most cities, installing a charging point in a public area is not allowed without a permit. And you will not be able to limit use just to yourself. However, more and more cities are now introducing policies where EV drivers can request the installation of a public charging point in cases where they are unable charge their electric vehicle at home. The respective local authority can be contacted for more details about this.

In most cases there are no technical limitations when installing a home charger. However, longer cables to your fuse box are more costly. And additional cost might me be applicable, due to digging or drilling. To prevent any unpleasant surprises, our experts will assist you during the intake and discuss the best way forward.

After you ordered a home charger, you will receive an email with the request to carry out a digital survey. This survey contains questions and requests for information and photos. For example about the location, the fuse box and other important aspects to assure a smooth installation process. After you have completed this survey, our installer will contact you to arrange the installation date. Or give you a call in case of additional questions.

The average processing time from the request to an operational charger is approx. 8-10 weeks. The charger will be installed two weeks before you will receive the car.

Yes, you will be able to call a 24/7 hotline which can support you via remote diagnosis and troubleshooting. The hotline number to call: Additionally, on-site maintenance is available when required. We offer various all-in service and maintenance packages, including 2, 3, 4 and 5 year options.

In most cases we are able to solve issues remotely via our remote customer support team, which is available 24/7. The hotline number to call: If required, our maintenance team will be usually on-site within 3 business days.

Still got questions? Ready to #goelectric?

All technical data and technical specification are expected targets, pending further development and homologation. All figures are subject to change.

(1) Kia Charge
Kia Charge is a solution provided by our partners Digital Charging Solutions (Public Charging) and Allego (Home Charging).