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7 Kia Features that inspire
every journey

At Kia, we are constantly embracing the concept of continuous change in the way we travel. Find out how our current cars are making each journey inspiring, safer and more comfortable.

At Kia, we believe that great ideas come to you on the move. Therefore, every Kia is designed to make driving simple and enjoyable, so that it enables thinking and progress for all of our drivers. That ethos inspires the features in our cars. Technologies that save time, keep you safe and make journeys more comfortable.

So it’s important to have a space to get inspired. Here are seven Kia technologies that will help you do just that.

360º Around-View Monitor

To make parking effortless and safe, the 360º Around-View Monitor shows your car’s surroundings on the infotainment screen. The top-down view means you can see what’s happening at every angle, not just behind. Select reverse gear, and the system activates automatically.

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Smart Cruise Control

Smart Cruise Control uses the car’s radar to regulate speed, always keeping a safe distance from the car in front. Set your desired speed, and the car will do the rest. It can even slow right down to a standstill, and then accelerate back to your chosen speed again. It’s a great way to make long motorway stretches more relaxing.

Blind Spot View Monitor

Flick the indicator to change lanes, and you’ll see a live video feed of your blindspot on your Kia’s Digital Instrument Cluster. So you can manoeuvre in confidence.

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JBL Premium Sound System

Every journey needs a soundtrack. Hear it the way it was meant to be heard with Kia’s JBL Premium Sound System. Harman Clari-Fi technology improves the quality of your compressed music before it’s played through several high-performance speakers. Each one is precisely tuned to match the car’s acoustic characteristics.

Head-up Display

The Head-up Display helps you keep your eyes on the road. It collects useful driving information, and puts it right in front of you. Current speed, navigation instructions, speed limit, and blind spot information shown on the windscreen. Right where you need them.

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Heated and ventilated seats

Drive in comfort, whatever the weather. Heated seats are the perfect way to take the chill off an icy winter’s morning. In the scorching summer, the ventilated seats provide a cooling airflow through the seatback and seat cushion to keep you comfortable.

Smart Power Tailgate

Laden with shopping bags and can’t reach your keys? No need to worry. As long as your keys are in your pocket or bag, stand at the rear of the car for a few seconds. The tailgate will automatically open.

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