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Paul prefers his electric car driving experience over his previous petrol car

“I’ve no regrets taking the leap from petrol to pure electric.”

London to Dorset, 130 miles. - Paul's Story

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Paul is a Financial Accounting Software Analyst from London who changed to driving a fully electric vehicle in October 2021 because of the spiralling costs of running a petrol car in the capital.

“I use public transport for commuting and despite not having access to off-street parking (I live in a block of flats), the public charging options are extensive. When charging my EV6, I mainly use a Connected Kerb charge point on my estate – using my RFID card for 7kwh charging during the daytime while I’m working."

Hassle-free charging

“The Kia Charge App and RFID card I’ve found really useful for travelling around London, the south east of England, and along the Dorset coast where I spent a few days touring.”

“It removes the need for registering with all the different operators. My Kia account has allowed me to charge hassle-free at a range of charge stations – Osprey, Instavolt, ESB Energy, BP Pulse – simply by using my RFID card. And all the billing is channelled through my Kia Charge account and one monthly invoice.”

I didn’t suffer range anxiety

“But the number of operators and associated apps and accounts I had to juggle when using the rapid-charging networks was.”

My verdict

“I’ve no regrets taking the leap from petrol to pure electric. It's been a smooth experience using the Kia Charge App to rapid-charge as and when I need to, check availability en route, and not having to keep track of dozens of apps.”

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