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England womens cricket team with two Kia Sportages


Kia – Official Car of England Women’s Cricket (2014 - 2018)

Kia is very proud of its ground breaking sponsorship of the England Women’s Cricket Team, a stand-alone sponsorship of a women’s team without a cross reference to men’s cricket. It underlines Kia’s belief that women’s sport will be the next big thing and that supporting it is a priority. The sponsorship started in 2014 as a 2 year deal, when it helped the players gain their professional status and was extended for a further 2 years in 2016. Kia’s sponsorship includes the use of Kia Sportages - the Official Car of England Women’s Cricket - for each player in the national team for the duration of the sponsorship.

Kia, official car of England Women's Cricket
England Women's Cricket team member batting

Kia Super League

Kia supports developing grassroots women’s cricket (2016 - 2018)

Following on from Kia’s sponsorship of the England Women’s Cricket team, Kia is also a sponsor of the women’s cricket Super League, the Kia Super League which went live in July 2016. The Kia Super League helps to nurture women’s cricket talent and develop the talent of the future. The aim of the Kia Super League is three-fold:

Performance: creating more opportunities for England players to play higher quality domestic cricket, so bettering the competition for places in the England squad
Participation: Inspiring local participation in cricket among women and girls
Profile: Raising the profile of women’s cricket and women’s sport in general.

Paul Philpott, Kia UK CEO says “Supporting the hugely successful England Women’s Cricket team is the next evolution for Kia in cricket.”

Kia Oval with Kia Super League logo

Kia and the England Women's Cricket Team

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The England women's cricket team and kia motors