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  • Sustainability

    Caring for people and the planet

A Best Global Green Brand

Kia is a rising star among global car brands in terms of sustainability and eco-friendliness. For over a decade, we have emphasised eco-management and now offer a range of alternative fuel cars.

  • Workshop building

    Eco-friendly workshops

    Make sure your car is serviced accordingly to Kia' recommended service schedule at the Kia Service Centre to ensure your car is well maintained and operating perfectly.

  • Electric and hybrid cars

    More and more, we focus on vehicles that run on alternatives. Like the all-electric Soul EV or Niro hybrid. Even if your current Kia runs on traditional fuel, our greener cars are available should you want to make the switch. Curious to learn more about our electric and hybrid cars? Contact the Kia Showroom for more info.

Ways to boost fuel efficiency

Follow these straightforward sustainable driving tips every time you set off in your Kia.

  • Think ahead

    Try to keep the car moving by planning ahead. Driving smoothly and avoiding sudden braking.

  • Shift up

    Change gears early to stay in an economical rev range.

  • No idling 

    Switch off the engine if you stop for more than 40 seconds.

  • The right BAR

    Check your car's tyre pressure regularly: correctly inflated tyres have less rolling resistance.

  • Minimise air conditioning

    If you need to cool down in the summer, open a window

  • A shady spot

    On hot days park in the shade and reverse into parking bays so you can drive off immediately. 

  • Dump excess weight

    Remove unnecessary clutter: more weight equals more fuel consumed.

  • Regular servicing

    Keep your car well-serviced and clean to maximise performance on the road.

  • Reduce speed

    Most cars are most fuel efficient between 65-80 km/h. Where allowed, of course.

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