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  • Man holding his smartphone and searching for the best route to have a drive with his mountain bike


    All you need for the road

Keep moving

When out and about in your Kia, you shouldn't have to sweat the little things. That's why we offer you a range of smart, easy-to-use mobility features that make your time on the road more enjoyable and relaxing.

  • 7-year warranty

    Our market-leading 7-year warranty lets us share our confidence in our cars with Kia owners.

  • 7-year map update

    Always stay on track: keep your navigation system up-to-date with the free annual map update.

  • Connectivity

    Use Bluetooth® and other technologies to make the ride more convenient, enjoyable and safer.

  • Video Guides

    Check out our helpful, insightful clips and maximise how you drive your Kia.

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