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  • Connectivity

    Stay well-connected

Bluetooth® & Connectivity Centre

Your Kia comes with features and technologies to help you stay in touch and plugged in. Thanks to Bluetooth®, you'll never miss a call – or your all-time favourite melodies.

  • Bluetooth & Connectivity Centre

Bluetooth® benefits

  • Convenience

    Keep both hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road – thanks to hands-free functions via Bluetooth®.

  • Safety

    After pairing your compatible mobile with your vehicle, the device automatically connects to the Kia Bluetooth® system. When you need to make a call, safely do it with the touch of a button.

  • Music streaming

    Set the ride to your favourite tunes with music streaming via Bluetooth®. It's the quick, easy way to wirelessly play the music tracks stored on your mobile phone.

Connectivity Centre

Questions about Bluetooth® or other connectivity functions? Visit our the Connectivity Centre for straight answers and easy setup. Also manage your connectivity options, check your mobile's compatibility, learn about your Kia's specific features and more.

  • Kia's Connected Services powered by TomTom live services

    Kia's Connected Services

    Stay in-the-know on the road with Kia's Connected Services powered by TomTom. Information on the speed limit(1), weather, traffic and more, conveniently appears on the vehicle display. Some services may not be availabe in Malta.

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(1) TomTom Speed Camera Service
Most governments and local authorities agree that the TomTom Speed Camera service makes driving safer. At Kia we comply with local legislation and where necessary adapt our practice.