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Comfort services

  • Comfort Services

    We love to WOW! you

Making time fly by

Regularly servicing your Kia is part of car ownership. And we want you to have the best experience possible every time you set foot in our dealership – especially when you have to wait. That's why we offer special comfort services to Kia owners. Look forward to these WOW!s whenever you drop in.

  • alternative transport

    Chauffeur service

    In the eventiality that you can not stay waiting for your service, at no cost to you, we offer a free of charge chauffeur service. All you have to do is indicate that you need transportation when booking your appointment.

  • Customer sitting relaxed in an armchair, enjoying a cup of tea

    Waiting is a pleasure

    While your Kia’s in our workshop, make yourself at home in our stylish, comfortable customer lounge. Here you can send email, surf the web, or even work – all via the free Wi-Fi connection. Also enjoy complimentary beverages, and reading materials. With so many WOW!s, you might wish the wait were longer.

  • 7-year warranty

    Congratulations! Did you know your car is covered by the longest warranty on the market?

  • Connectivity

    Looking for ways to enhance the ride? Discover our connectivity features for a safer, more enjoyable time on the road.