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Kia genuine parts

  • Kia Genuine Parts

    The perfect fit

Kia Genuine Parts

Kia Genuine Parts are just like the original parts your vehicle left the factory with. Meaning they are designed and engineered to perfectly fit your Kia. High quality, reliable, durable. For the most enjoyable kilometers to come, always insist on Kia Genuine Parts.

  • Engine air filter

    Protects the engine by preventing dust, pollen, mould and bacteria from entering the system. With high-quality material to effectively remove impurities and dust. Large filter capacity keeps the engine clean, improving fuel efficiency, and reducing wear and tear on the engine and carbon emissions.

  • Wiper blades

    Kia Genuine Wiper Blades are specially designed for your Kia‘s windscreen. Engineered using the latest technology, the innovative aerodynamic design ensures lasting performance and wiping efficiency.

  • Brake pads

    Kia Genuine Brake Pads offer dependable and consistent braking performance. In combination with Kia Genuine brake discs, they ensure stable braking force during high-speed driving and repeated braking. Rigorously tested to ensure comfort, safety, performance and durability.

  • Cabin air filter

    Clean air in your car is one of the most important requirements for pleasant driving. The Kia Genuine Cabin Air Filter cleans air that enters the cabin through heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Made of fine, top-quality fibrous material, the cabin air filter keeps dust, pollen and grime out of the car.

  • Fuel filter

    The Kia Genuine Fuel Filter is compressed using a large amount of material for best filtering capacity. The Kia Genuine Fuel Filter prevents abrasion inside the cylinders and keeps the engine‘s performance constant.

  • Oil filter

    Each Kia Genuine Oil Filter is made of high quality material that only allows clean oil to enter the engine and to carry away heat from critical areas of your car. It also reduces engine noise and combats rust and corrosion.

  • Timing belt

    The Kia Genuine Timing Belt is top quality so the belt withstands high pressure. Fabric jackets protect it and provide high resistance against a wide range of temperatures. Its durability has been tested for your safety. The timing belt keeps the entire operation of the engine running smoothly and synchronized while you drive.

  • Kia Genuine Cabin Filters
  • Kia Genuine Brake Pads & Discs
  • Kia Genuine Wiper Blades

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