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  • Technology

    Discover what makes our cars
    smarter and safer


    Discover the DRIVE WiSE technologies - The future of Kia's driving and assistive technologies. Designed to improve on-road safety and enable owners to focus more on the pleasure of driving.

  • ECO dynamics

    Kia has focused on the common use of key eco vehicle parts, and has tirelessly pursued innovations in R&D to lead the next-generation eco car market. Discover our activities for a sustainable future.

  • Safety

    At Kia, we're committed to helping keep drivers safe on the road. Beyond building high-quality vehicles, we want to help create smarter, more responsible drivers.

  • Discover the Kia range

    Discover our full range of vehicles designed around your passions, from the crossover hybrid Kia Niro to the spacious Kia Sorento. Find your Kia today!