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Order New Tyres For Your Car - Kia UK

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Kia dealers offer a wide range of tyres at extremely competitive prices. You can now purchase tyres online or contact your nearest dealer for more information or for a quote.

Taking Care of Your Tyres

Well maintained tyres mean better performance, improved fuel economy and more grip in adverse weather conditions. Find out how to keep your tyres in good working order.

What You Need to Know About Tyre Maintenance

Your tyres are one of the most important safety features on your Kia – especially as road conditions become more treacherous. Tread depth, wheel alignment and tyre pressure all influence how your car performs on UK roads – whether that’s how much grip you have in the wet, or how quickly your car can stop in an emergency. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, your local Kia dealer can help you.

Why Pressure Matters

Pressure makes a big difference to how your tyres perform. If you have received an alert on your dashboard about your tyre pressure or haven’t looked at them in a while, they will need to be checked. If your tyre pressure is too low (A), you’ll end up with uneven tyre wear and poor grip when cornering – something you’ll especially want to avoid during wintery conditions. If the pressure is too high (B), you’ll suffer from severe tread wear – so your tyres won’t last as long. It will also make steering difficult and increase fuel consumption. The wrong pressure also increases braking distance. Tyres with the correct pressure (C) last longer, reduce fuel consumption and contribute to safe road holding. If the tyre pressure changes suddenly or repeatedly, you should contact your Kia dealer immediately.

Tyre pressure
Wheel alignment

The Importance of Wheel Position

Your wheels can take a fair amount of strain on UK roads – whether that’s from nudging a kerb, or hitting a large pothole. So over time, your wheels can become misaligned or slightly tilted. If your wheels become tilted to one side (A & B), there will be increased wear to one side of the tyre. This will shorten the life of your tyres, and you’ll have less grip – particularly in adverse conditions. Adjusting the wheels requires specialist tools and knowledge, and needs to be carried out by an expert. Our specially trained Kia technicians can tell you if this work is required. Simply contact your local Kia dealer, and they can have your car checked.

Monitor Your Tread Depth

Your tyre tread is incredibly important, and it’s a legal requirement that it doesn’t get too low – so how can you check it? Most tyres have tread wear indicators to let you know when your tread is getting low. These usually look like little raised squares within the grooves of the tyre. If these raised squares are flush with the tyre, then it’s probably time for a replacement. It is also recommended that you replace your tyres once your tread depth is less than 4mm. This is because your tyre tread is what helps you maintain control in wet or adverse conditions. If your tyre tread becomes too low, you’ll end up with less grip and your car will take longer to stop – particularly in rain or snow. Also, if your tread depth is below the 1.6mm legal minimum, you can be fined.

Tyre tread
Tyre change

Get Your Tyres Changed by a Professional

If you think it’s time for a new set of tyres – or simply want them checked for peace of mind – our trained Kia service technicians have the specialist tools and experience to change your tyres correctly, safely and without damaging your wheels. They’ll also ensure you get the appropriate tyres for your particular car. This will ensure you get optimal grip, performance and fuel economy from your tyres. Visit any of our 189 dealerships across the country to get competitively priced tyres fitted by our professionals.


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New EU tyre label legislation came into effect on the 1st of November 2012 to help customers make an informed decision when buying tyres. The new tyre label contains information such as Fuel efficiency, Wet grip and External rolling noise. To find out about the UK Tyre Labelling Information for Kia cars please use the link below

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