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Why Genuine

Keep it original

Who wouldn’t want their Kia to be reliable, safe and original? That’s why you choose Kia Genuine Parts and Accessories. And why you have your Kia cared for by the dedicated service teams in the authorised Kia network. For original high-quality engineering. Original perfect fit and finish. Plus peace of mind from making the right choice for your Kia.

  • Make the right choice

    You chose Kia for all the right reasons. So why choose anything less than Kia Original for your parts and accessories? And why choose anywhere else than the authorised Kia network for service? They’re the right choice for design, quality, fit and peace of mind that live up to your expectations.

    Find what you’re looking for at your Kia authorised dealer.

  • Why choose Kia Genuine Parts and Service?

    Who knows and cares for your Kia as well as you do? Your authorised dealer. So when it’s time for a repair or service, choose Kia Genuine Parts and trust the expertise of your dealer.

  • Get more out of life with Kia Genuine Accessories

    Get more from your Kia and from life with Kia Genuine Accessories. Because the right accessories can help to enhance every drive. Tailored to fit your lifestyle and designed to fit your Kia, the existing range of genuine accessories are waiting for you at your Kia authorised dealer.

  • Kia Genuine Wheels and Tyres

    Your all-round solution for safety and style. Expertly selected and professionally fitted tyres ensure grip, comfort and peace of mind, while your choice of alloy wheel design is the finishing touch.

Service, safety and style

  • Changing your tyres

    Some things should never change. Like your choice of Kia-trained technicians for a safe tyre change you can be sure of.

  • Checking your brakes

    Only brake pads and discs working seamlessly together give you the stopping power you need. Rely on a brake check from your Kia authorised dealer.

  • Choosing your wheels

    Sporty? Rugged? Sophisticated? Choose your wheels to match your style.

  • Right driver, right oil

    Every driver is different. Every driving style is different. So, every Kia owner needs to find the Kia Original Oil which best suits their specific requirements.

  • Make the most of your journey

    Travel means new horizons, new possibilities, new adventures. For longer journeys, and with children on board, count on Kia Genuine Accessories.

  • Roof Box

    More luggage than you expected? Sports equipment you can’t live without? This slim and lightweight roof box is the answer. Lockable for security but easily accessible from both sides. Extra space with extra peace of mind.

    Discover this and many more Kia Genuine Accessories online or at your local Kia authorised dealer.

    489,38 €

  • Secure travel

    Hitch up your caravan or trailer to our Kia Genuine Tow Bar, and that’s where it’ll stay round every twist and turn of the road.

  • Safe travel

    Before you leave home, there are several simple steps you can take to protect your vehicle, your trip and your loved ones – starting with the Kia Health Check.

  • Stylish travel

    Arrive in style with unique travel items from the Kia Collection. Designed to enhance your look, your Kia and your life.

Your questions answered

With Kia Genuine Parts can you be sure the materials, design, engineering and overall specification match the original factory-fitted part. Depending on the specific part, this can have important implications for your Kia’s safety, performance, fuel consumption or emissions – or even all of these.

Even Kia Genuine Parts with a higher price tag than inferior alternatives will not necessarily cost you more. Because of the high quality of their materials, design and engineering, you can expect them to last longer and perform better over their whole lifespan. They will need replacing less frequently and are better value for money in the long run.

Just like Kia Genuine Parts, Kia Genuine Accessories are designed and manufactured to the same high standards as your Kia itself. They are also engineered to be a perfect fit and are styled to match your Kia model – ensuring you maintain its look, safety, performance and comfort.

Yes: all Kia Genuine Parts and Accessories are covered under warranty. For details, including duration, please refer to your owner’s manual and the detailed terms and conditions for individual products.

Depending on the part, it may invalidate your warranty. It may compromise the safety or performance of your Kia. You may also find it difficult or impossible to fit the part perfectly.

At your Kia dealer, you can be sure that all parts used are Kia Genuine Parts and that all work is carried out by Kia-trained technicians to Kia factory standards. Your Kia dealer is also the place with access to all the latest technical information and mechanical and software updates, direct from the factory. This ensures your Kia’s optimum safety and performance.

There are Kia dealers throughout the country. Use our Kia Dealer Locator to find a dealer near you.

Find a dealer

The right choice of oil for your Kia can depend on the model and even your driving styleTo help you get the best from your oil and optimise the performance of your Kia, use the Kia Original Oil Selector .

Find your Oil

Regularly checking and maintaining your tyre pressure is easy to do at home or at a service station. But making sure that the tread is of a legal depth across the width of the tyre and that there are no dangerous bulges or weak spots (perhaps from hitting kerbs or driving through potholes) requires an expert eye and special tools. Unusual wear patterns can also be an indication of other issues – steering or suspension, for example – which a Kia-trained tyre technician can identify.

Although your Kia has a regular maintenance schedule, there are times between services when a Kia Health Check is recommended. Examples would be before a driving holiday or before winter weather sets in. The Kia Health Check is an ideal opportunity to identify any issues – whether safety or maintenance related – while they can be easily rectified, rather than when you are on holiday or at the roadside in the snow.