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Rescue Sheets

Kia Data Sheets for Rescue Services

In the download area on this page, you will find rescue data sheets for Kia vehicles. These data sheets are intended exclusively for emergency personnel in the field of technical assistance.
All information contained in the data sheets is exclusively for vehicles intended for the European market. Right-hand drive vehicles may vary in their construction.
Vehicles and equipment variants are subject to constant changes. Kia reserves the right to discontinue or change designs and specifications at any time without notice or obligation.
Note: This information is intended for trained personnel only and not for end customers, workshops, and dealers.

To access the Rescue Sheet for one of our current models, please refer to the respective download icon on the page below.

Please note that the Rescue Sheets for all older models are not portrayed as individual download icons. They can be downloaded via the Rescue Sheets 08/20 icon and will appear within the zip-folder.

  • Rescue Sheets 08/20

    The Rescue Sheet for the Sorento Plug-in-Hybrid will be added to the zip-folder once available.