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Why Go Electric or Hybrid? | Kia UK

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Hybrid and Electric Vehicles.
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Switching to a Kia Hybrid or Electric vehicle is easier than you might think. Kia offers a broad array of models with Hybrid , Plug-In Hybrid or Electric powertrains. Discover the benefits of our hybrid and electric range and find out which is best for you.

Why go electric? Benefits of our electric range

Reliably cost effective

Reliably cost effective

Hybrid and Electric vehicles may have a higher purchase price but take the strong residual values and relatively low running costs into account and the proposition becomes a lot more attractive.

Electric range that goes the distance

Electric range that goes the distance

Kia electrified powertrains offer truly useable range and versatility. With our Hybrids and Plug-In Hybrids, you don’t have to compromise on total range compared to conventional vehicles.

Our Electric cars offer a range of up to 328 miles (Combined WLTP testing) – more than enough for the everyday and to venture out to far-away places.
Fast charging has arrived

Fast charging has arrived

Kia Electric Vehicles can charge in a matter of minutes, not hours. Using the predominant CCS standard for DC charging, our EV6 is capable of charging from 10% to 80% in just 18 minutes.
Instant performance

Instant performance

With clutch-less operation and instant acceleration response, our electric vehicles are genuinely fun to drive. Our EV6, with its road-hugging all-wheel drive traction system, takes you from 0-62mph in only 5.2 seconds.
Less tax

Less tax

Good for the environment, great for lower tax. Whether you own your car or drive it for your company, Electric and Hybrid vehicles offer many tax advantages over conventional cars.

Contribute to a brighter future

Contribute to a brighter future

Driving a Hybrid or Electric car is one of the ways to help combat climate change, so we safeguard our planet and children’s future..

Image of the car tyres and wheel of a Kia hybrid electric vehicle?

What is a hybrid electric vehicle?

Kia hybrid vehicles, or HEVs, have both a petrol engine and small battery. The battery is said to be ‘self-charging’ meaning that it is usually replenished when decelerating.

Hybrid vehicles only function in full electric mode while stationary, at low speed or when decelerating. At other times, the battery merely supports the combustion engine to get greater fuel efficiency and reach a range similar to that of regular cars.
A Kia Plug-In Hybrid plug-in charging at a public EV charging station.

What is a Plug-In Hybrid?

Kia plug-in hybrid vehicles, or PHEVs, allow you to drive in electric mode on most of your short journeys, while allowing you to travel much further using both petrol and electricity. They are fitted with a relatively large battery which can be charged from an external source such as a home or public EV charging stations.

When starting from a fully charged battery, Kia PHEVs have an electric range of up to 40 miles depending on the model. On longer journeys, they boast a range similar to that of conventional cars by using their engine and battery in tandem.
The infotainment system inside a Kia Electric Vehicle showing battery percentage, range and closest EV charging point.

What is an Electric Vehicle?

Kia electric vehicles, or EVs, run solely on electricity. This offers quiet operation, zero tailgate emissions and breath-taking performance.

Electric vehicle technology has come on leaps and bounds. With technologies like our e-GMP platform, our EVs have an electric range of up to 328 miles and charge in a matter of minutes thanks to a fast-expanding and easy-to-access network of public EV charging stations .

Hybrid or Electric Vehicle?
Find your match.

Discovering which Kia electric or hybrid car suits your lifestyle needs is simple: Just answer the following 4 multiple-choice questions to generate your personal match.

Here are more reasons to make the switch to a Hybrid or Electric car.

  • Easy public charging in the UK and Europe

    Whether your Kia is a Plug-in hybrid or Electric car, you don’t need multiple apps, cards and accounts to charge on the go.

    Kia Charge lets you access the largest collection of public charging networks in the UK and Europe. Locate a charge point, plan a trip, access and pay – all with just one solution.

  • Recharge your battery, right at home

    Make the best out of your Plug-in Hybrid and Electric vehicle by charging at home.

    Having your own charge point installed by one of our preferred partners guarantees the best possible value and convenience.

  • Maintenance you can rely on

    It’s easy to keep your servicing costs in check with our range of Kia Care and Kia e-Care package.

    Whether you pay upfront or spread your payments, your costs are fixed for your chosen period and you benefit from the expertise of our extensive network of Kia Repairers.

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Future inspired. Technically Brilliant.

The Kia electrified range offers you powertrains designed to take on the future of driving. Plus, make every journey an inspired one with Kia connect — offering you advanced onboard features and app-enabled services to keep you connected along the way.

Our Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Need to know more about our Electric and Hybrid Vehicles?

Do Electric car charging points cost vary by location? Do Electric car charging points cost vary by location?


Yes, the electric car charging cost varies depending on the electric vehicle charging station. Fortunately, unlike other electric cars, a Kia electric car boasts access to Kia Charge, which provides all electric charging points' details, including operator, connector type, power and pricing.


What is the overall cost of running an Electric car? What is the overall cost of running an Electric car?


Although there is no longer a government grant for electric cars the fact remains that cost of running an electric car is reasonable. Electric cars can benefit from a range of savings - for instance on access to city centres like Central London, or on parking. Providing you have the right electricity tariff at home or charge at affordable public station, their electricity cost will also come out cheaper than fuel.

Electric or Hybrid cars: which is the best option for you? Electric or Hybrid cars: which is the best option for you?


When choosing between a Hybrid vs Electric car, it’s important to understand the key difference between the two. A Hybrid electric vehicle combines a battery with an engine and charges through regenerative braking. Electric cars run entirely on electricity from the battery and plug into a charging point to recharge. 

Are there Electric car leasing options available from Kia? Are there Electric car leasing options available from Kia?


Whilst Kia doesn't currently offer an Electric car lease option, we do have Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) for Electric cars. This offer involves paying for a portion of the car, which is spread out over a number of years. Once the contract comes to an end, you can settle the balance and own the car or hand the car back with no outstanding payments.

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