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Hybrid Cars | Take the Lead. Drive electrified | Kia UK

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Take the lead. Drive electrified.

Hybrid to cope with every eventuality. Since launching our Optima hybrid in 2011, we have developed a range of outstanding hybrid vehicles that stand out for their efficiency, appeal and quality. More than a flexible technology, this is a range honed to give you room for inspiration.

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How a Hybrid car works

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• Hybrids have a battery and engine that support each other when needed.

• There is no need to charge the battery from an external source.

• The battery charges when decelerating or going downhill.

• Hybrids can operate in electric-only mode when at a standstill, at low, constant speed or when decelerating.

Benefits of Hybrid

  • Consume less fuel

    The seamless coordination of the engine and battery not only provides power but also efficient use of fuel.

  • No need to plug in

    Fill up the car with petrol just like any conventional petrol car. Our Hybrid system cleverly charges the battery whilst you are driving.

  • Less clutch, more drive

    Enjoy the performance of two combined power sources funnelled through an automatic or dual-clutch gearbox. The system automatically changes gears swiftly and seamlessly for maximum driving enjoyment.

Our Hybrid Range

Cost of ownership

Cost of ownership

Of course, driving a hybrid means you keep your fuel bills under control but there are other reasons for making a smart choice. With strong resale values, lower tax, better access to restricted city centres and the reassurance of our pioneering 7 year warranty, it is not surprising many of our customers opt for a hybrid.
A fully connected experience

A fully connected experience

Kia’s future is connected and so is yours. Kia Connect supplies a range of services and functionalities right to your car and through our Kia Connect app.

Whether you need reliable, connected navigation or the latest weather forecast, Kia Connect has it covered, either in your vehicle or through our innovative mobile app.

Need to know more?

What is a Hybrid car? What is a Hybrid car?



Hybrid cars (HEV) are often referred as self-charging hybrid cars. They combine an internal combustion engine with an electric motor and battery to power the car. A Hybrid electric vehicle can't be plugged in to charge. Instead, the battery charges in decelerating, stopping or coasting phases.

How do Hybrid cars work? How do Hybrid cars work?



It's simple really. Along with a petrol or diesel engine, hybrid cars (HEV) have an electric motor powered by a small but effective battery. The electric motor in a hybrid electric vehicle assists the engine for improved fuel efficiency.

What’s it like to drive a Hybrid car? What’s it like to drive a Hybrid car?



A hybrid drives like a traditional combustion engine car but with a few bonuses. It’s a lot quieter for a start and you systematically benefit from the convenience of clutch-less drive with either an automatic or dual-clutch auto transmission. And, if you fancy a more dynamic drive, Kia hybrid cars have a Sports drive mode.


What does Hybrid mean? What does Hybrid mean?



A hybrid electric vehicle combines two different types of power: electricity and petrol. Hybrid cars regenerate energy through the braking system to power the battery. The engine and battery tend to help each other out. They can work together or separately.



Are there any Hybrid car lease options available with Kia? Are there any Hybrid car lease options available with Kia?



Unfortunately we don't offer Hybrid electric lease deals, but we do have Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) for Hybrid vehicles. Take a look at the different PCP Hybrid car costs and choose the model that's right for you.



What is a Hybrid 4x4? What is a Hybrid 4x4?



A Hybrid 4x4 combines electric power and a petrol engine with a four-wheel drive system. Where a petrol 4x4 typically uses a lot of fuel, a Hybrid 4x4 will tend to be better on fuel.



Are there government grants for Hybrid cars? Are there government grants for Hybrid cars?



There is currently no government grant for hybrid cars . For information, please go to Office Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) grant schemes. 



What are E-Hybrid cars? What are E-Hybrid cars?



E-Hybrid cars are plug-in hybrid vehicles. We don't use this terminology in our range of plug-in hybrid vehicles.



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