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Kia Connectivity Support


Don’t miss out on the incredible technology of Bluetooth connectivity with our infotainment. Connect your phone to the infotainment system for not only making calls and stream music, but also using the infotainment itself as a smartphone.

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    Hands-free phone call

    You can make or receive calls without touching your mobile phone directly in the vehicle. When a mobile phone is connected to your car, you can download phone numbers into the infotainment system, and use them in the vehicle.

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    Audio streaming

    If you connect a mobile phone that supports audio streaming, you can listen to the music you've been listening to on your mobile phone through the car's speaker, and you can easily change songs.

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    Receive text (SMS)

    If you set the text reception notification function when registering a mobile phone in the vehicle, you can check the text received via the mobile phone in the vehicle or reply to a simple text message.

Bluetooth pairing guide

How to pair your phone with Kia Infortainment via Bluetooth.

To make a phone call or play audio from a Bluetooth device, the deivce should be paired with the infortainment system. For details, please see the following clip.