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EV6 driving slowly near modern architecture
EV Benefits
Find out EV's benefits and eco-friendly experiences
Are you hesitant about purchasing an EV?
Consider the numerous benefits that come with it. In terms of operation, there is a lower total cost of ownership due to reduced charging costs and simplified maintenance compared with an internal combustion engine car. Most importantly, you can drive with a sense of pride knowing you are using an emission-free vehicle.
Woman relaxing in driver's seat of the EV6 in nature

Eco-Friendly Mobility for a Sustainable Future

By driving a CO₂, SOx and NOx emission-free EV, you can contribute to slowing climate change and protecting our planet and future generations. Kia EVs are with you in this important mission.
Centre display of the EV6 showing Electric Vehicle screen

Cost-Effective Driving

EVs can travel the same distance on a charge that costs significantly less than fuel costs for internal combustion engine vehicles, such as gasoline or diesel. If you frequently drive long distances, you'll save even more on charging costs.
Side view of the EV6 located at wooden structure

Lower Maintenance Costs

EVs have significantly lower maintenance costs compared to internal combustion engine vehicles. Without an engine and transmission, you'll need to replace fewer oils and consumables regularly.
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