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Kia Service
Keep your Kia feeling new with our service
Kia strives to minimize your inconveniences caused by unexpected defects or accidents, so you can maintain a convenient and meaningful life. To achieve this, we utilize advanced technology and highly skilled mechanics to save you time and cost.
Our commitment to safety also extends to using recycled materials in our service parts and operating our facilities, processes with the sustainable environment in mind. Trust us to keep your Kia running smoothly while being mindful of your time, money, and the planet.
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Downtime Savings

Kia provides comprehensive services to prevent unexpected car breakdowns and stay on schedule. These services include remote diagnosis and repair, online service reservation, pick-up/delivery, and other services that help you take an action on various situations that may occur while your vehicle is on the road.
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Less Maintenance Cost

Kia's industry-leading warranty service and various vehicle maintenance programs alleviate the burden of service costs.
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Safe & Comfortable Driving

By utilizing advanced digital and connectivity technology, Kia can quickly and accurately diagnose your vehicle's condition and abnormalities, allowing us to provide timely repair and maintenance services. Moreover, we deliver analytic information based on driving habits and patterns, supporting all Kia customers in driving safely and comfortably.
Service Offerings
Each Kia model comes with a generous warranty plus 24/7 support on the road.
You can also rest assured that our service centers are present where it matters.


5-year or 160,000 km warranty for passenger vehicles. 3-year or 100,000 km warranty for K2500. Enjoy this generous warranty period which is longer than what’s being offered by most car brands. Because we’re that confident in the quality of Kia vehicles

24/7 Roadside Assistance

For five straight years, get it free and have peace of mind during unforeseen events on the road. It gives access to emergency towing, personal assistance, minor onsite repair, medical assistance, information service, and more.


* The Kia K2500 comes with 3-year free 24/7 Roadside Assistance.

Nationwide Network of Service Centers

Your convenience is our priority. Experience extraordinary ease when it comes to keeping your Kia in tip-top shape. That’s because Kia service centers are present all over the country, always ready to serve for all those maintenance needs.

Genuine Parts

Our sizeable inventory of maintenance, mechanical, and collision parts allows for reduced downtime. And should there be other parts that need to be shipped from abroad, our reliable shipping partner will deliver as soon as possible.