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Understanding the Warning Lights and Indicators in Electric Vehicles

Close-up of cluster of the EV6 with sports mode on

How To understand EV warning lights and indicators

Symbol of Ready indicator light
  1. 01Ready indicator light:
    The indicator lights up when the electric vehicle is in a drivable state. If there's an issue with the vehicle's systems, the indicator will turn off or blink.
Symbol of Power down warning light
  1. 02Power down warning light:
    The indicator lights up when the vehicle's output is limited to protect high-powered parts or when the remaining power of the driving (high-voltage) battery is very low, or the voltage is getting low. When the light is on, going up hills may be difficult, or the vehicle may roll backward. If only the power down warning light turns on, it doesn't mean a failure occurred.
Symbol of Charging indicator light
  1. 03Charging indicator light:
    The light turns on when the charging connector is properly connected to charge the high-voltage battery of an electric vehicle.
Symbol of Regenerative brake warning light
  1. 04Regenerative brake warning light:
    The lights illuminates yellow if regenerative braking doesn't work well due to a brake system disorder and brake performance is slightly reduced.
Symbol of High voltage battery level warning light
  1. 05High voltage battery level warning light:
    The light turns on when the remaining power of the high-voltage (drive) battery is low. When the warning light turns on, charge the battery immediately.
Symbol of Battery conditioning mode indicator light
  1. 06Battery conditioning mode indicator light:
    The indicator lights up when the battery conditioning mode is active.
Symbol of Service warning light
  1. 07Service warning light:
    The light displays when there's a failure related to the electric vehicle control system such as sensors.


The availability and operation of features may vary depending on the model, trim, and region. For detailed information, please refer to the owner’s manual for your vehicle.