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Using the Smart Regeneration System

Close-up of right paddle shifter of the EV6
While coasting - driving with inertia after taking your foot off the brake or accelerator pedal, the smart regeneration system can automatically adjust the intensity of regenerative braking based on factors such as the slope of the road, and driving conditions. This helps to improve energy efficiency and reduce driver fatigue by minimizing unnecessary acceleration and deceleration.

Setting up and Turning off the Smart Regeneration System

Hands pressing paddle shifter with index finger to setting up and turning off the Smart Regeneration System
  • Pull and hold the right paddle shifter for more than 1 second to turn on/off the smart regeneration system.
  • The regenerative braking [AUTO] symbol will appear on the instrument panel when the system is on.
  • While the system is on, you can set its default level by pulling either the left or right paddle shifter lightly.
  • Pull and hold the right paddle shifter for more than 1 second if you want to manually turn off the system.


  • Dirt, snow, or foreign substances on the front radar sensor lens or its cover may affect its sensing performance. If this happens, the system may not work correctly.
  • If the warning light for the Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA) is on, the smart regeneration system may not work correctly.
  • The smart regeneration system is designed to provide driving convenience, but the driver must exercise caution and make driving decisions based on their own discretion to ensure safe driving.
The availability and operation of features may vary depending on the model, trim, and region. For detailed information, please refer to the owner’s manual for your vehicle.