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Bluetooth Connection with Your Vehicle

Front side view of cluster and centre display in one frame

How to connect via Bluetooth

To connect your device via Bluetooth, you must first pair it with your infotainment system and add it to the list of Bluetooth devices.
Add New Device popup on infotainment system screen
  1. 01On the Bluetooth device you want to connect, turn on Bluetooth and follow these steps on the vehicle’s infotainment system screen: [Setup] > [Device Connections] > [Bluetooth] > [Add New].
  2. 02From the list of devices on your Baluetooth device, select the name of your car (the vehicle’s infotainment system).
  3. 03Confirm that the Bluetooth passkeys displayed on both screens are the same and establish the connection from your device.
  4. 04If your Bluetooth device is a mobile phone, allow the infotainment system to access and download contacts from your mobile phone, and receive text message notifications in your vehicle.
  5. 05After initial pairing, Bluetooth will automatically connect every time you use the vehicle. (Up to 6 Bluetooth devices can be paired.)


  • Stop at a safe place before connecting your Bluetooth device to your car. Connecting while driving can be dangerous and lead to accidents.
  • If the connection fails due to a Bluetooth error, turn off and then turn on the power of your device before trying to reconnect.
The availability and operation of features may vary depending on the model, trim, and region. For detailed information, please refer to the owner’s manual for your vehicle.