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Description :

Bundles Program is NMC Prepaid service and maintenance Plan designed for KIA owners to cover their vehicles maintenance for 40,000 Km / 2 Years (whichever comes first) starting from the selling date and mileage. Customer can purchase the program at any time and any mileage (Customer can purchase any four serial services regardless the vehicle mileage).Each Bundle consist of Four service & maintenance intervals.

Th Bundles program designed to provide the following benefits to our customers:

  • Performing the services in NMC - KIA authorized Distributor .
  • Certified and well-trained technicians .
  • Using KIA and MOBIS genuine Parts .
  • Ensure vehicle warranty is maintained.
  • Money savings and Peace of mind vehicle ownership cost.
  • Maintain vehicle re-sale value.
  • Free offers upon purchasing .
  • Free inspection.

Plan Covered Items

-  This Plan offers comprehensive maintenance coverage for your vehicle. Components covered by

   the Plan include below in the plan table details .

-  The Plan will pay the total Service cost (parts and labor) per visit as the coverage maintenance           


Terms and Polices:

- Plan service will be provided or assisted by any NMC Service Centers.

- Maintenance bundle program covers all KIA vehicles model year 2016 and above.

- Intervals recommended by manufacturer for oil change under normal driving conditions. Under no circumstances should oil change intervals exceed 10,000 km or six months, whichever comes first.

- Service and maintenance schedules as per manufacturer’s recommendations.

- Contact Plan related to the vehicle VIN not to the vehicle plate number .

- The original purchaser may authorize transfer of coverage for the remaining  Plan and may be transferred to the subsequent purchaser of the vehicle .

- Plan will be governed by local laws in Saudi Arabia

- The following vehicles are not eligible for a Service and Maintenance contract. Vehicles equipped with right hand drive, motor homes, vehicles placed in taxi or limousine service, vehicle used for emergency service, ambulance, towing or police service, vehicles used for postal,

- Terms and Conditions applied.