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Roadside Assistance

KIA Roadside

Assistance - Morni

As a valued Kia Owner, you have access to our Extra Care Roadside Assistance Program. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by dialing: 920003922

  • Mechanical
    Breakdown Tow
  • Emergency
    Battery Boost
  • Tire
  • Gas
Terms and Conditions:
- The subscription will expire after 5 years.
- This membership and its services are valid according to the data received from KIA/NMC.
- The services are available 24/7. 
- The services are limited for (sedan, 4x4, pick-up trucks & SUVs) up to 3.5 ton, Commercial vehicles and trucks are not included. 
- Services are not provided in the event of natural disasters and car immersion in water or sand or case of traffic accident. 
- Services are provided within the borders of Saudi Arabia. 
- As a user of Morni services, and by accepting this offer, agreement to comply with Morni terms & conditions is applied.

Kia Roadside Assistance – Kia Models
For all Kia Models you have Extra Care by dialing 920003922