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Front side view of centre display with phone projection mode on
Phone Projection
Use your smartphone functions in the car with ease
You can conveniently access your smartphone's features through your Kia's phone projection, just like you can operate your smartphone using touch and voice. From making calls and checking messages to playing music and getting directions, everything is at your fingertips without ever having to take your eyes off the road. Experience the ultimate convenience and safety with phone projection in your Kia.

Android Auto™

Connect your Android smartphone to your Kia and enjoy seamless control over various apps on your phone, including Google voice assistant and Google Maps. Access all your favorite features on the go through your Kia's infotainment display.

Apple CarPlay®

Connect your iPhone to your Kia and access its various apps including Apple Maps, Siri voice recognition, music streaming, and phone calls, all through the infotainment display. Stay connected while driving and enjoy the convenience of Apple CarPlay®.

Key Features


Navigation apps such as Google Maps and Apple Maps make you easily access geographic information, route guidance, traffic information, and estimated travel time to your destination.


While driving, you can make calls with hands-free. Furthermore, you can use the voice assistant feature to send and check text messages.


In your Kia, you can connect your smartphone to enjoy entertainment content like music streaming and audiobooks, which can make your journey more enjoyable and less tedious.
Close-up of center display showing multiple menu icons
How to Connect Your Smartphone to Your Kia
Once you connect your smartphone to your Kia, you can access and control apps on your Android or iPhone through the user-friendly interface of the infotainment display.
    • For Android phones, download and install the Android Auto™ app from the Google Play Store.

    • For iPhones, make sure to enable Apple CarPlay® and Siri. If you don't see the option for Apple CarPlay® or Siri, update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS.

    • On the Advanced menu screen, tap Settings > Connections > Menu > Phone projection settings > Android Auto™ or Apple CarPlay®.

    • Then, select the checkbox to enable Android Auto™ or Apple CarPlay®, depending on your phone model.

  • Connect your smartphone to your Kia's USB port using the USB cable that came with your smartphone when you bought it.
  • When your smartphone is locked, first unlock it and then agree to use Android Auto™ or Apple CarPlay®.
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