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Hand holding a mobile phone with Bluetooth screen on and centre display with Bluetooth connections screen on
Enjoy the freedom of Bluetooth®
Don't miss out on the incredible technology of Bluetooth® connectivity offered by our infotainment system. Connect your smartphone to it and enjoy not only making calls and streaming music, but also using the infotainment as a smartphone itself.

Hands-free Phone Call

Make or receive calls without touching your smartphone while driving your Kia. You can download phone numbers into the infotainment system and use them in the vehicle.

Audio Streaming

Listen to the music on your smartphone through your Kia's speaker and easily change songs if your smartphone supports audio streaming.

Text Messaging

You can check received text messages through the infotainment display and text to speech voice and send text messages using the voice recognition feature.

Bluetooth® Pairing

In order to use Bluetooth® hands-free calling, audio streaming, and voice recognition features, you need to set up Bluetooth® to connect your smartphone to your Kia. Follow the step-by-step guide to learn about Bluetooth® pairing and setup.
  • No, the Bluetooth® is provided for free on all Kia Models.
  • You can answer a call by tapping the 'Accept' button on the infotainment display or pressing the ‘Call’ button on the steering wheel. To end the call, simply press the button again.
  • Yes, you can reject a call by either tapping the 'Reject' button on the infotainment display or pressing and holding the ‘Call’ button on the steering wheel.
  • Yes, up to 6 phones can be registered to your Kia Vehicle. (The availability and operation of features may vary depending on the model, trim, and region.)
  • The hands-free feature allows you to make and receive calls without taking your hands off the steering wheel. Additionally, you can perform voice commands via voice recognition.
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