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COVID-19 | The Kia Promise

  • COVID-19 |
    The Kia Promise

    Safeguarding your Kia warranty.
    Caring for you.

Still taking care of your Kia - and you

The current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is causing many worries for all of us. Your family and loved ones are naturally your main concern. However, the more we can do to make any part of your life less difficult during these challenging times, the better.

That is why we are making the Kia Promise to you.

The Kia Promise Program is an extended warranty service, ensuring that your Kia is still protected if its original Kia warranty expires. This means that warranty repairs which cannot be carried out due to the pandemic will be honoured under the original warranty terms, even if the warranty expires beforehand see below .

Meanwhile, in any part of our dealership or service network which remains open, we are adhering to strict hygiene and cleanliness measures. For customers’ cars, these include wiping steering wheels, buttons/switches, handles and keys etc. with disinfectant.

The President of Kia Corporation is determined that Kia owners should be supported during the coming months. Read his letter addressed to our valued customers.

  • 7 Years Warranty, a Kia Promise

    Important information about your warranty and service conditions

    If your original Kia warranty expires between 1 February 2020 and 30 April 2020, we will extend its coverage until 30 June 2020. If you are unable to take your car to a Kia dealership for warranty repairs, they will be honoured under the warranty and service conditions until that date. Your dealer will answer any questions you may have.

Caring For Your Kia While Staying At Home

Leaving your vehicle unused for extended periods of time can lead to a number of unexpected issues and in these challenging times of government enforcements to rightfully keep people indoors, these problems are more likely to happen.

To ensure customers continue to have a dependent vehicle when they need it, Kia Ireland, have published official guidance on what actions to take on a regular basis to look after their car.

Maintaining battery health holds the most relevance at this time, alongside vehicle security, fault avoidance and safety. Kia recommends the following actions to minimise unexpected and preventable issues.

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