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Rear view of a Seltos parked on a building with tall pillars.
Kia Genuine Parts
Not all parts are created equal
Kia Genuine Parts ensure top-notch quality, durability, and precise specifications matching those used in vehicle production.
Why Kia Genuine Parts?
Close-up of blade wipers

Designed for the Best Quality

Experience the outstanding quality and performance of your Kia with our genuine parts. These parts have been manufactured to meet strict standards, ensuring the best quality and performance.
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Optimal Performance

Your Kia can maintain optimal performance over time by using precise specifications and high-quality genuine parts. To ensure your vehicle stays in top condition, we recommend using genuine parts.
Cargo underfloor storage compartment

Safe Driving with Quality

Kia Genuine Parts, you can enjoy superior quality for safe driving and comfortable car management, as these parts undergo rigorous tests for reliability and durability and are guaranteed for their quality.
The Original equipment is fully covered the first 12 months from the Date of First Service regardless of Mileage
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