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A Kia Sorento SUV is parked on a dirt road in front of a mountain lake
Kia Service Offers
Peace of mind knowing your car is well-maintained
Our Service Department is dedicated to providing you with peace of mind by taking care of your Kia Vehicle. We offer scheduled servicing at 5,000 km and 10,000 km intervals, ensuring your vehicle receives the maintenance it needs to perform at its best. In addition to regular maintenance, we provide diagnostics tests and checks, both during and outside of scheduled servicing, to guarantee that your vehicle is always running at optimal performance.
What’s Covered in Kia Care Maintenance Plans?
Close-up view of a car filter replacement

Oil and Filter Replacement

Air Filter & Cabin Air Filter Change
Automatic Transaxle Fluid Change (at 90,000 km interval)
Front & Rear Differential Fluid Change
Mechanic is checking the inspection list in front of a open bonnet

Engine Performance & Spark Plugs

Nickel Coated Spark Plugs Replacement
Platinum Spark Plugs Replacement (2.7L & 3.5L)
Diesel Fuel Filter Change (every 40,000 km)
Man trying to lift one of the tires on the floor

Wheel Balancing

Electronic Wheel Balancing (4, 2 Wheels) Standard Wheels, Magnesium Wheels
Mechanic wiping his hand in front of a open bonnet

Cooling System & Air Conditioning

Air Condition Inspection & Performance Test (Freon Coolant) Engine Coolant Replacement
Mechanic is inspecting a car engine

Safety & System Checks

Check, Clean & Adjust Rear Brake System Perform Computer System Diagnostic Test Pressure Test Cooling System & Inspect Radiator Cap
Kia Maintenance Plans
5,000 km intervals
  • Oil & Filter Change
  • Battery, Disc Brakes, Air Filter, Cabin Air Filter, Front Suspension, Parking Brake, Drive Belts Inspection
  • Tyre Rotation
10,000 km intervals
  • Change Engine Oil & Filter
  • Inspect various components including Air Cleaner, Vapor Hose, Fuel Filler, Cooling System, Battery, Electrical System, Brake Line, Clutch & Brake Pedal, Parking Brake, Brake & Clutch Fluid, Disc Brakes & Pads, Drum Brakes & Linings, Power Steering Fluid & Hoses, Steering Gear, Drive Shaft, Tyre Pressure & Tread Wear, Front Suspension, Leaf Spring U-Bolts, Bolts & Nuts Chassis & Body, HVAC Cabin Dust Filter
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